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  1. Just for the record. We were missing some building supplies from the base. Leppy has a list. Sledgehammer. Splitting axe x2, crowbar, and a hatchet. Odd those were used to break through the base. I play on server 2. I don't go on server 1. I have no RP there. IDK though, i just feel like we were ghosted into from server 1 and our own stuff was used to break out of the base from the inside.
  2. Mike was born into a normal household. He was the middle child of Mark and Margret. Jack his older brother and Mary was his younger sister. Mark's brother lived on the same land but in a different house. It was nice and quiet farming community. The houses were spread out acres away. Everyone grew their own crops and most sold them for money too. Jack's family had 3 sons and 2 daughters. The kids always played together and sometimes got a little rough. When Mike was 7 he even broke his arm while wrestling. As with any country town they often hunted for food. With so many boys they often went on hunting trips. Mike was a natural at hunting and fishing. The love for hunting, fishing, and pride in his country led him to the Army where he spent 4 years there as a Calvary Scout. Once out of the military he still lived and worked on the farm, but also as a bodyguard. Mike offered his body-guarding service to many important figures around the world. One job got him into Chernarus where he was to protect a certain VIP until helicopter extraction, which never came.
  3. There were 2 tents, a civi and a mili, and 5 barrels, 6 small crates. The contents of the tents were guns. You cannot fit guns in barrels. However EVERYTHING WAS FULL. Shit couldn't have been moved if everything is full. Taking tents is one thing. But every rifle we have and over 1000 nails...very wrong. Great way to destroy our RP before we can even start it. AND we never even met you guys before...wtf
  4. Tyrone was born in Compton, California. Tyrone was born into a broken household. His father was never known and his momma was dope fiend always out selling herself for dope. Tyrone was raised by the dirty streets of Compton.Tyrone got involved with gangs when we was young and only went to school to hustle. Tyone got decent grades and still slung dope, it was a part of him. Drugs werent enough. Tyrone started pimping at 19 and pulled his momma off the streets. His lil brother Tyreese was working in the gun trade, doing whatever he could to move up. This got them in good with the Russians. Over the years thier empire expanded. Trips often led them to Eastern Europe whre they had friends and safehouses. Tyrones empire was a well kept secret and only the leaders of the gang knew of Tyrone. His brother now jealous he is only 2nd snitches on Tyrone to the cops for a drug deal Tyrone did. Tyrone finds out from a cop he has working under him. Tyrone confronts his brother and kills him over the ordeal.Tyrone gets 15 years in prison for the drug charges. The brutal murder of his brother was never discovered. Tyrone was sentanced to 15 years in San Quentin State Prison. He was known by all its inmates. He was a big, thick, dark man and was a frightening sight. He worked out all day and kept other inmates in check. Once released he went to Russia and lived good until the outbreak. Tyrone went to Chernarus transferring weapons on a cargo ship.
  5. He was born into a wealthy family who had established trade businesses throughout the Middle East. When he was just a small child war ravaged the Middle East and caused his family to suffer. His father was killed while fighting. All he had was his mother and his siblings. As time went by he lost most of his siblings. Always turning to Allah to help guide him along. Sanctions from the United States devasted the region. His family's business was eventually no more. He got involved with religious groups and it furthered his hatred for the United States. He fought against them to protect his homeland whenever he could. Allah keeping him safe. He learned English well as a child and used it to advance himself in the regime. He had outfits in Takistan and was training when the outbreak happened. They withstood as long as they could until pushed out and into Russia from there he moved to Chernarus.
  6. Too bad. We were all having fun at these bases. Time to find a field
  7. Link to the situation: Discord-Help Desk Any supporting evidence or notes: Very quick to help. Did not have to wait long at all. Understood the question and responded promptly. Feedback: Saunders was very helpful. I had questions about the new life rule and he was able to explain in great detail. Very quick to hop in to help me on discord. Was very polite. Seemed to care for what he was helping me with. Very pleased and surprised. Did not expect to get helped so fast. Thanks again! Suggestions for improvement: More people dedicated like Saunders.
  8. My character will be named Vincent Von Ishtuul'Stien. He is 32 years old. Born on July 17th. He will be a regular person.Single, and had a decent job. Was from the suburbs with not too much survival experience. He was on Vacation with his sister named Riley and cousin named Earl when this epidemic started. Having no Equipment or Supplies he must gather what he can to survive. His main goal is to stay alive and find his family. Meeting friends and foes while traversing the dangerous environment he will be emotionally troubled by his surroundings.. He will focus on being a Trader with the skills and knowledge to defend himself and survive in the wild. he will know how to use more basic weapons and not having full knowledge on what ammo goes to what weapons.
  9. So last night I tried to join the whitelist. I clicked the Whitelist button on the website banner. I put my username and password in for steam. forgot caps was on and had to do it a few times. I know it takes 30 minutes for it to reset after saying "too many login attempts from your network, try again later". However, i have it an hour, 3 hours, went to bed, 8 hours later, still cant login. still getting the error every time. Tried doing it from my cell phone and still get that error. Not on WiFi, I think something is wrong. I would just like to join the whitelist to play lol.
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