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  1. Weapon87

    DayZRP 19.6.4

    Too bad. We were all having fun at these bases. Time to find a field
  2. Weapon87

    Staff Feedback: Saunders

    Link to the situation: Discord-Help Desk Any supporting evidence or notes: Very quick to help. Did not have to wait long at all. Understood the question and responded promptly. Feedback: Saunders was very helpful. I had questions about the new life rule and he was able to explain in great detail. Very quick to hop in to help me on discord. Was very polite. Seemed to care for what he was helping me with. Very pleased and surprised. Did not expect to get helped so fast. Thanks again! Suggestions for improvement: More people dedicated like Saunders.
  3. My character will be named Vincent Von Ishtuul'Stien. He is 32 years old. Born on July 17th. He will be a regular person.Single, and had a decent job. Was from the suburbs with not too much survival experience. He was on Vacation with his sister named Riley and cousin named Earl when this epidemic started. Having no Equipment or Supplies he must gather what he can to survive. His main goal is to stay alive and find his family. Meeting friends and foes while traversing the dangerous environment he will be emotionally troubled by his surroundings.. He will focus on being a Trader with the skills and knowledge to defend himself and survive in the wild. he will know how to use more basic weapons and not having full knowledge on what ammo goes to what weapons.
  4. So last night I tried to join the whitelist. I clicked the Whitelist button on the website banner. I put my username and password in for steam. forgot caps was on and had to do it a few times. I know it takes 30 minutes for it to reset after saying "too many login attempts from your network, try again later". However, i have it an hour, 3 hours, went to bed, 8 hours later, still cant login. still getting the error every time. Tried doing it from my cell phone and still get that error. Not on WiFi, I think something is wrong. I would just like to join the whitelist to play lol.
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