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  1. Aww thanks man, I think i know who you are, but it was a great walk. Wished it continued but something went wrong, and characters got separated hahaha
  2. I am from Mexico, but born in New York. I lived a great child hood; had some amazing parents. Although things went off course when all over the news was showing multiple bombings, and alerts of infection. I lived far from my parents, i wanted to move on, and try to do things on my own. The events made it difficult to get in contact with them. I had no one, but a few friends near me. Even though I couldn't find them at all. People were going nuts, and even as days passed by we got information about certain people would be taken off to china in a secluded area within china to stay safe from the infection. At least that's what we heard. or what was said. It was tough for a few days, weeks, but eventually one last helicopter came in for the night. I was next in line to be taken, but man it was so damn tough leaving on my own without my family. My connection was horrible, and nothing was working properly. My dad uses his email a lot, i sent him an email to where i was going eventually. I hope he reads it. There we go, flying in the sky, and as me and a few others look down we see nothing but horrific things. The soldiers seemed to be very cautious onto where they specifically fly. Must be enemy territory? I honestly don't know what's going on, none of them answer our questions. We're near turkey, and Russia. We're getting close to China, but suddenly the pilot started screaming randomly, and began smacking his face, and hitting buttons. Everyone panicked, and as well as I did too. He pulled out his gun and shot the guy next to him, and himself. The plane started to derail into a different type of territory. A place I never thought I'd be in. We crashed in the water. Eventually I float ashore to Chernarus. Weird place. Been here for who knows how long. Feels like a million years, but I know it's been many months. I'm hoping to find someone. Someone to help me guide myself to the right path. Someone to survive with, being alone is not right. It can't be. Fighting the dead can be a hrd thing to do. I can't lose myself. I won't. Until then, adios compadres.. (Spanish term meaning "Until next time friends")
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