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  1. evu


    Welcome to hell! Hope you enjoy the server
  2. Well I've been accepted so I will see you guys on the server
  3. Certainly not. For one I wouldn't associate myself with the likes of you! I will see you on the bean coast
  4. What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?
  5. Thanks for the speedy replies! When/if my application goes through I'm sure I will have a couple of questions. But until then, I shall restrain from annoying you
  6. Just wanted to introduce myself to the community. After crafting my application and submitting. (waiting on the result... first in queue ) I thought I would pop up and say howdy ho! I've been playing Dayz since the days of only 10 servers being online and those constantly being full or bombarded with join requests. However I've never tried any of the role-play servers. After being recommended to join the server by a friend on several occasions and repeatedly saying I will apply soon... I finally sat down and wrote my submission. I'm looking forward to playing with you all. TL;DR version... Hi, I'm new... Don't steal my beans!