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  1. I would just like to say only one of us actually heard you and even they were not sure what they had heard. I do understand your side though I would have done the same thing if I thought they had clearly heard me and they pulled out guns and ran around. As further proof that your words where not clearly audible you can here them in the video and they sounded far away so we could have thought you where talking to someone else. Also I was not in the discord with them so if they did meta game I wasn't a part of it.
  2. Storm was born in the united states of america to a pretty wealthy family. Her dad is Irish and her mom is american. She remembers her entire life up until she landed in the area with her parents before the outbreak. Her parents invested in the nation and wanted to see what they where investing in. She loves potatoes as her father was Irish and loved them as well. When she was young she took archery and enjoyed it. She is also a decent singer (or at least her parents said she was). She hopes to find her parents again but her main goal is to survive. She has also never been really good with a gun.
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