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  1. So finding someone In Game...there... and yes after 7 hours of studying you do get mentally insane...
  2. Hey guys! I was looking for a group to join and yours sound something that fits me more! is there an application i need to fill up or anything in order to join? I read the whole thing and it didn't specify a procedure to join FMDS. The only thing that states is that I need to work with an FMDS or FM member? Please let me know I would be happy to server. A friend of mine is already on your clan (Friedrich Ulfenstein)
  3. oh yeah totally! or delete it...whatever. btw i dont remember the application asking to explain a robbery.
  4. Yeah ill study them more. I think its not the lack of understanding of the rules but the question it self. Ill pay attention more next time! Thanks for your help and your time! Appreciate it.
  5. yeah that's a typo....now and not...I wanted to say is not allowed. Oh okay I get it now Thanks for the help guys... Ill try to do some more reading about it. I never played DayZ. Maybe one of the reasons i lack of such knowledge. I just thought KoS is kinda common sense...in RP servers you never kill people without supporting it.
  6. I need to state that this is not a RANT post or saying that my review has being misjudged. I just have some questions about KoS as a new player. I wrote that about KoS: KoS stands for Killing on Sight and its not allowed. The correct way is to let the other player know your intentions and support with RP manners the reason you wanna kill him. Identifying the person is needed and that can be done based of his voice, clothes and behavior. If the ambushed person is doing what he is told by his attackers its not allowed to kill him. Metagaming is now allowed as well. Like informing friends out of the game or in game about your location and that you need help! (except if its correctly roleplayed) Last and not least you cannot take revenge of someone until 2 hours are passed as long as its properly role played. (If thats the wrong section im sorry...moderators can move it or delete it sorry for the inconvenience ) The reviewer of my application said : "Insufficient KoS explanation. Please address each part of the KoS rule in detail. Try explaining how a well executed robbery would work." My question is how a robbery involves killing? You can always roleplay a robbery without killing people! and even if you kill the person that you rob its being supported by a well roleplay robbery! What I am getting from the reason of denial is that i should roleplay in text a robbery ? or explain KoS basic theory (which I think I did) I read KoS rules and theory (its not my first time in a roleplay server) so guys can you give me some pointers? (if thats the wrong section to post things like that a moderator can move it or delete it. Im sorry for the inconvenience)
  7. Thanks a lot BeastMade for your offer! Yeah ill let you know!
  8. Hey everyone! Newbie noob here!!! I just finished writing my application and thought it would be nice to say hi to the rest of the community! Im 22 years old and got DayZ like 5 days ago! (hundlebundle yay!) So expect stupid questions and asking key binds n stuff I am a fairly good role player though and ill try my best to get RP in an good level!