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  1. Well, I am fairly new to this game. Been playing for about a week or so. Pretty new to the Arma series as well. Day z so far has amazing potential and overall in it's early stage is a huge success. I have many things I love about this game, as well as a few dislikes. But 1 main concern im wondering are all servers going to be PvP? I Don't mind the player on player action at all. It brings a heart racing aspect to the game, but what I dislike is you join a "friendly server don't KOS" and then you start, aquire a few things. maybe a pistol or a shotgun with a a few shells. Try to make it to a place and BAM you got a camper or possibly 2 or 3 just waiting to kill and rob you on sight. it just stinks having to walk for hours to find your stuff just to die in a 5 second fight. Let me hear your thoughts!?