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  1. Lacy was born an American but later moved when she was 15 to a small town of Sighișoara, a quiet historical place in Transylvania. She was a shy girl that didn't get into much trouble. Her brothers Jacob and Edwin raised her right, until Jacob was costenly gone due to work. It effect both of the children pretty bad Edwin took to drugs and Lacy decided she needed to be just as strong as her oldest brother was. She finished her schooling at 21 and when to work in pharmaceuticas she was transfered to a town outside of Transylvania. She was told of the Black Mountains of Chernarus, when curiousity broght her right to them. Lacy spent a night on the moutains with a couple of friends, enjoying the outdoors with her friends. The next night is when it all ended quickly. They had gone into the closest town to get more stuff for the night when a large group of people started running past them. Confused her friend grabbed her by the hand and headed towards what ever they were running from. The closer they got the more they could hear others screaming and growling. She though it could of been a bear roaming the town but everyone looked far to terrified to be running from a single bear. Once they reached the street all they could see was carnage of what had happened. Bodies everywhere and "people" eating them, Lacy's friend screamed causing the things to charge towards them. Lacy began to run leaving her friends behind to get to saftey. She continued to look behind her, stopping in her tracks watching as her friend was attacked by the creatures in horror unable to move. When the creatures were done with her friend they moved on towards her, the only thing Lacy could do was stumbled backwards over a couple bodies, causing her to fall and knock herself unconsious. When she awoke she found herself covered in blood in the middle of the woods by her campsite. Still in shock Lacy searched for her belongs when she found a man in her tent. Scared even more now she had no idea what to do. Grabbing what she could when the man awoke and explained to her what had happen to her and what he thinks might be going on as well as his name, Nathan. Lacy was greatful for the man saving her life but confused about the outbreak. What was it? Was all she could think. A Year passed as they traveled on foot from place to place, trying to find food, water, supplies and survivors. Crossing the beach she found 2 men wounded and looking for food. She couldn't let them starve and she was to nice to leave them. helping them ended with them staying for half a while until a storm came and seperated them all. She eventually found Nathan but he was badly injured. Weeks passed and he healed but ended up with a bad limp which slowed them down. Bandits had come and tried to rob them, Beating her until she was unconsious and almost dead before killing Nathan for not giving them what they wanted. Laying on the road bleeding out a woman came to treat her wounds. But she had no memories of the time before the accident. All Lacy could remember was that she was searching for someone or something. Lacy thanked the woman and head out to see if something to jog her memory.
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