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  1. Jackson Somthea aka Nemo by co-workers and peers was working an internship at a research facility when the researchers were called up to assist in an incident in chernarus, although officially all Jackson did was handle coffee orders and file tidias paperwork for others, he was considered somewhat of a genius by those he worked with, always thinking of different solutions he became someone the others scientist turned to when stuck and needed another approach. it was the last two weeks of his internship, when the UN had requested some of the scientist to go work for them, they had a decided to bring an extra to help out around and figured an intern would be best so the head researcher goto pick and offered jackson the position, once arrived in chernarus not knowing what they were getting into they headed to set up a research facility and began work, jackson was shocked to see that this horrifying fantasy was becoming a reality after refusing to believe the rumors he had heard, the researchers were failing to work on a cure and about a week later we had heard the virus had spread to all corners of the earth, and was quickly engulfing all major cities, there was no turning back as this cure would be the only thing to save humanity however work failed and the lab was eventually overrun, jackson and some of the other scientist took a copy of some the work that had been done and left to set up elsewhere, each time they would set up they would have to leave again and again and more dead overcame them, it had been almost two months since the original outbreak all comms where dead no one knew anything there was only 7 others left with jackson when they decided to head to where the original outbreak occurred however without any gps navigation was hard so they ended up in many different areas months went past when the group was trying to survive hoping to oneday see loved ones again however gradually losing more people jackson ended up with only 1 other scientist and 1 UN peacekeeper, Jackson and the other scientist argued over what to do next, eventually the other scientist left at night to head to utes where he heard others had been continuing research, Jackson however wanted to stay where the virus had started thinking it would help to locate the original source. The UN peacekeeper Jane stayed with Jackson as they had gotten very close over the last couple months and had started to take a liking to one another. Two months later the situation had worsened and Jane seemed to be pregnant with Jackson's kids, neither of them knowing what to do when the baby comes. It became harder to feed her and as time went on Jane was unable to help as much leaving Jackson to find food not only for himself and but for Jane and their baby, two months later Jane decided to take her own life with a note to Jackson saying "This is no world for a baby, i can't bear to raise a child in this world the way it is, im sorry but you have to keep on fighting until you have found the cure so that others won't have this problem", Now morbidly depressed and exhausted both mentally and figuratively Jackson fell apart and would've taken his own life if he wasn't more scared of being a zombie than he was of being alive
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