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  1. Jasper had a pretty rough childhood his parents were always fighting and his father would abuse both him and his mother regularly when he was 8 years old his mother eventually killed herself cause she couldnt take it anymore and he found her body hanging from the living room ceiling fan. After that Jasper went on to live with his grandparents from his mothers side and they raised him the best they could his grandfather was an ex marine and Jasper wanted to be just like him he'd always play with army men figures or run around playing pretend army guy when he finally turned 18 he enlisted into the marine core. Bootcamp was easy for him as nothing they could put him through could of been worse than what his father did to him for years he passed with flying colors and shortly after did a few tours in afghanistan where his darker side came to light he would capture enemy soldiers and torture them for his own fun mutilate enemy bodies just to pass the time he eventually got wounded taking a bullet to his left shoulder and one in his thigh shortly after he was sent home once he got back to america he didnt know what to do anymore he just stayed in his room all day and his grandparents began to worry about him so they offerd to take him on vacation to take his mind off things and he agreed. They had set plans to go to Chernarus and stay in a town called Novodmitrovsk the first week they were there was great he had stopped being as depressed and had enjoyed spending time with his grandparents but then it happened. while they were in a small shop looking around at gifts to bring back to america something terrible had happened he heard a loud scream outside the shop and ran outside to see what was happening and what he saw haunts his dreams to this day there was a man on top of his grandmother with his teeth sunken into her neck ripping the flesh out as he bit it off. Jasper immediately grabbed the thing that was on his grandmother and stomped its head in with his boot. his grandfather ran to his grandmother and held her for alittle bit crying his eyes out before she grabbed him and ripped half his face off in one bite. Jasper had no idea what to do he looked around him and saw that it wasnt just his grandparents but hundreds of these things going after people all around him he was terrified at first but then his instincts took over and he ran off as far as he could eventually going into some woods and camped out there for awhile before eventually needing more supplies he now roams chernarus in hopes of finding enough supplies to survive.
  2. Pretty much what Nate said. We both woke up in the barracks and as i came out of my barrack he was standing outside of it. i started alittle bit of small talk with him then as my friend showed up shortly after we told him to put his hands up but instead he sat down and my friend asked him a question to which he didnt respond or speak period after we told him to put his hands up so we fired on him.
  3. Hey what it do i am Xavier Blackwater i am a nine-teen year old male who used to work on my fathers farm that was on the outskirts of novaselki. Growing up i would give a helping hand to my father's farm whether it was seeding for the corn or fertilizing the ground for the corn or other crops to grow. The great thing about having cattle while being a vegetable farmer is that you always have fertilize on hand. We would also grow potatoes, and pumpkins, but our best seller was wheat I guess everyone really needed bread. It was a daunting task waking up early in the morning till late at night but it built good muscles. I have been living in novaselki a town in chernarus for all my life. Novaselki used to be a great town before we got hit with this insane outbreak. People started changing getting more aggressive and angry. Me and my father tend to stay away from big cities because of this. He said it would keep us safe to stay among st a few. Well sadly not long ago my father was attacked by one of these infected while he was harvesting crop from the field i feel for the worst
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