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  1. Im just going to wait until my new computer is ready and 1.4 comes out. That means a (potentially lengthy) DayZRP hiatus for me. The new comp. should work better since its upgrading pretty much everything from the one im using now, from operating system to video card. See you all in a while. Close thread.
  2. I have also tried updating Arma 2 through Steam and DayZ Commander and now it only gives Bad Version errors
  3. So for several days now I have been unable to play DayZRP due to continuous crashing. Everytime I have attempted to play I get a total crash within about 2-3 minutes. It always says that "Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead has crashed" I have installed and uninstalled all files of DayZRP multiple times. If anyone has any clue as to a possible solution please tell me. (To be clear, this seems to be confined only to DayZRP. I have gone through DayZ Commander and Steam many times with no issue.)
  4. Jump on your head as you scream and start beating yourself to get me off of you. You are the Ghostbusters, what do you do?
  5. RepublicKnight

    What rules have you broken?

    KoS'd Juggs at Prud that one day, and the report opened my eyes to the fact that people in this community don't screw around with breaking the major rules. (NLR and No-KoS)I will fully admit, the KoS was mainly done to fufill my personal satisfaction of meeting(and proceeding to murder) one of my favorite DayZRP players of all time. Learned my lesson though, and glad to still be here months later.
  6. Next time something like this rolls around, I swear I gotta jump on it. If I could make the time to attend an event, I know I would love it. Side Note: Does this mean that since they are back, The Council could, I dont know, launch a siege of the Trade Post? Like try to starve us out or something. Would be nice to have an event like this where the people inside must work together to stay alive until the siege could be broken. Make it a multi-day event too, where The Council are on their feet around the clock, waiting for one of us to poke their head out.
  7. Found a van on the side of the road and then hitch a ride with a motorbike dude. I thought I was gonna get back to the Trade Post while I was in the bathroom. I had weapons, gas, meds, and more...I come back dead. Wonderful day for me.
  8. I will say that the idea of a Coalition-Dragons war would be appealing. Something like this is well needed in my book. Allow survivors to pick sides based on their own choices, or better yet, let them flee into the hills and observe from the sidelines. You can please the pro-CTC folk, the pro-Dragons, and those who just want to stick it out in the woods and watch the world burn. I will also say that both the CTC and Dragons are great groups of people with amazing RP and full of ways to make almost any situation fun. Bringing a political element where each of you try to sway people to your side could make for some purely amazing RP.
  9. RepublicKnight

    Joint Coalition of Free Chernarus [Work in progress]

    Sure but you would have to get to know us in game first or already be friends with some apart of a coalition group. Right then, ill look into that
  10. RepublicKnight

    Joint Coalition of Free Chernarus [Work in progress]

    Still wondering if freelance survivors can partake in this Coalition
  11. RepublicKnight

    Joint Coalition of Free Chernarus [Work in progress]

    Must ask, do you have to be in any of the 3 groups to join this coalition? Or do you take freelancers like myself? I personally have issues with joining organizations and as such I see it as another way of me getting killed. But, this Coalition sounds like my cup of tea.
  12. Glad i'm not the only one who thinks this. It's maddening to hear the amount of people just yelling at each other. In my opinion, let the people who have an established presence in the camp be allowed to use voice, CTC, TOR, and the Free Medics. It would make for easier coordination and much easier RP overall.
  13. I see Winchester, and my thoughts instantly go to Supernatural with Dean and Sam Winchester. Looks great man, keep up the good work.
  14. With the TP up now, how many people are going to start playing on S2 more and more? Just wanted to see the sort of migration from S1 over.