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  1. Christian was a business man who had a family of 2 his wife Christa and his son Jackson he was born in America and both his mom and dad where from America but decided to move to Chernarus once his dad found a very good paying job when he was a kid he went to the school located in Elektrozavodsk he grew up in Elektrozavodsk too. That is where he met Christa they both went to the same schools and graduated from that school. They started dating around 8th grade and both decided to get married when they hit nineteen years old. They had a kid at 17 though but Christa family was able to afford the baby so she could still go to school. Christian family had enough money to lend to them so they could buy there own tiny house once they bought the house and got everything moved in Christian had to leave for a business trip to Berlin. When he was there he was sitting in his hotel room one day and had the news on and that's how he learned about the epidemic going on. He had the money so he got a plane and got back to Chernarus once he got there he walked in his house and saw that both his wife and son were turned into those monsters he was forced to kill both of them and he buried them in the back of there house he was about to kill himself but someone knocked him out and disarmed him. He woke up on the beach with a note saying to head north to meet up.
  2. Steel


    If there is someone in my base without my permission am I aloud to kill him/her?
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