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  1. Alright sit down I have to tell you a story. This is the story of Richard (Ritchie) McCoy, a man who moved to Chernarus at a young age with his family. All the men of his family joined the military, all the way back to the greats of his clans name. Being 2 years younger than his older brother Rowan McCoy (a friend on the server) he remembers when his brother joined the military. His brother and parents were so excited. But not Ritchie, Ritchie didn't want to join. It didn't make sense to him, he never wanted to join some giant power. He wanted everything to be simple, just surviving off the land. Killing wasn't something he ever wanted to do, but he would do it to only protect who he loves, and for survival. So when he turned 18 he left his home in Svetlojarsk, he ran and hid from his family so he didn't have to fight them over his decision. He spends a couple years wondering the lands in and around Chernarus. He survives off the land by hunting and bartering. After some time he starts to hear about rumors of a virus that is taking over the land. He didn't believe till he was face to face with an infected on one of his hunting routes. After a very stressful scuffle he kills the sick man. It troubles him knowing he at one time was a person. Richie realizes how severe this is, and his only goal is to find his family and survive!
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