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  1. So five days ago I got temp banned for a character problem and I'm still banned after I deleted the character. Who do I need to PM or what do I need to do?
  2. Jake was 19 when he enlisted in the Air Force. He had originally enlisted as a Para-Rescue, but after seeing his proficiency with a sniper rifle, he decided switching to a SPECIAL RECONNAISSANCE role would be the best course of action. He hopped off the bus and met his Military Training Instructor, Hernandez. Hernandez was a strict and aggressive but understanding MIT. After three weeks of Basic Training, Jake was assigned a uniform and a rifle. His rifle, specifically a Tango 51, was to be his one, and only, true lover. For the next two weeks, he ate with his rifle, he slept with his rifle, and when he showered his rifle was right outside of the shower door. His rifle was his and only his.
  3. James evacuated out of Solnechiy with the military. He, his family, and his two best friends were in the camp when it was overrun by the infected. He was able to escape with Kade and Dom, his two friends. His family is unknown and are believed to be dead. He headed out into the world looking for help and anything to help him survive. When you first meet him he may seem like a strict, no bullshit guy but his friends know him to be kind and helpful. He will put himself and his friends first, but only as a last ditch effort would he rob anyone. He believes that we, the survivors, have a duty to rebuild the world for those lost to this pandemic and for those who will come into this world.
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