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  1. My name is Jenna Dawson. I am a 34 year old retired Army Medic. During my time in the middle east, I was taken hostage and forced to treat terrorists alongside my best friend, Anna. After countless sleepless nights, Anna and I put together an escape plan. The night of our escape, the village we were being held at was raided and bombed. The last thing I remember is seeing is Anna's lifeless body, next to mine. I woke up in a hospital bed unsure of how long I had been there. I found my medical chart and the last documented note was from August 1st, 2017, nearly 1 year after the bombing in the middle east. I left the hospital to discover an abandoned town littered with trash and on the ground lay newspaper articles with multiple headlines titled ZOMBIE OUTBREAK and VIRUS SPREADING! I quickly realized that I had been left to fend for myself, and my survival instincts immediately kick in. I got in the first functioning vehicle I could find and started my journey alone. After almost two years of being on my own, I was driving through another abandoned town when I heard a voice coming through my radio about a survivor safe haven and trading post. This is what I now know as Chernarus.
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