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  2. Today I woke up on a hill. I'm not even sure why I was there and not Prud.. When I woke up, I called my friend Ivan on the radio and we met up on a hill near a patch of trees. It was about mid-day and the sun was quite warm with a slight breeze. The trees rustled with the wind occasionally which soothed the fact that I had lost so much blood from zombie encounters. Me and Ivan sat under some shade and spoke a bit about our friends and what not when a man came.. This man's name is Alfred Fish. He was a crazed man but I liked it. I felt like I could relate to insanity. Weird though, because I'm not as psycho as him. He asked us to call him "Fish" and told us about his collection of toes that he has. Later that day we found a young man alone, I was with about 5 other men/women. We robbed him and took his things then made him our little bitch. He mentioned the rabbit was the lowest ranking from where he came so that is what we called him. We made a bitch out of the man, he was our bitch, slave, and pretty little rabbit. I liked when we tortured him.. the way he tried to escape.. the way the blood ran from his body... the sound his bones made when we broke them.. the face he would make when we would hit or shoot him.. I loved it all. I wanted to watch him suffer forever, I could have made him suffer for ever. The voices.. I haven't heard these voices in months.. They are back.. Is it God.. or is it Satan..? Maybe it's just the monster inside of me.. I will end my third entry here.
  3. When I woke from my sleep today, it was night. My friend Ivan was already awake, he was sitting with some men around the camp fire. One was named Viktor and the other was Steven. There were other men there as well but I didn't associate with them much so there isn't much to tell about them. Viktor and Steven on the other hand, I have much to tell about them. I met Viktor yesterday but this was the first time I actually socialized with him. He was a nice man, wore a suit, glasses, and a hat. He also hates Americans almost as much as me. Also to note about Viktor, he was a funny man, I liked his logic of things and his sarcasm worked well with his humor. Steven, at first he seemed quite normal, but then he started talking on and on about his love for fire. Next thing I knew, the damn man started fires all around the camp.. Viktor wasn't too fond of his obsession for fire and the two did fight often about the subject. I kept most of my opinions to myself and watched the two with amusement. Dora was also at the camp with us but she was sick. Ivan treated her with some medication but she continues to coughs.. Dora swears she swallowed the medication but her cough is growing worse. I asked Ivan if he checked her mouth for the medicine, but he didn't seem worried at all.. Maybe she did.. I have my suspensions though.. I'll end the second entry here.
  4. This is the first entry in my journal, I see everyone write in them so I figured why not. I suppose it's a good way to sort my thoughts.. Well, a lot has happened since shit went to shit. At first, I was just wandering, scouting the land, hoping to find food, water, and weapons. I'm not too 'people-friendly' since the incident in Devil's Castle so I wasn't in much of a scavenge for other survivors. But, as I was on the hunt for a new weapon at the tower on Green Mountain. A man named Ivan found me and took me in, me and him became friends quite quickly. Ivan and I met a man named John who gave me some M4 mags and food. We also got into a tough situation near some military camps. We ran from there to a house I was not familiar with. The house was small, wooden, had a small campfire in the yard, and lake in the back. We met with some people there, some left, some stayed. Ivan introduced me to some of his friends, Daisy and Amy. I think they are pretty strong woman and I do feel safer with Ivan, Daisy, and Amy. I also was introduced to a little girl named Dora. I can tell Ivan really cares about her, I'm not sure who this "Sophia" woman is but from what I have heard of her.. I don't like her. I'm not close with these people yet, I'm not sure on how they feel about me, as if I cared anyways. But, I do know that I like Ivan, Daisy, Amy, and Dora. I hope to stick with these people for a very long time. Hopefully I can keep my fucking mouth shut and not say anything stupid, I know that my mouth can get me shot quicker than anything else.. I guess I'll end the first entry here.