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  1. The Childhood of Vitaly Sokolov was rough. His father always assaulted him along with his mother and abused the hell out of him. His father was a drug addict and alcohol addict. After Vitaly turned 10, his father died of drug and alcohol abuse, his mother gave him away to the adoption due to her overwork as a mother. He spent most of his childhood in the adoption center when finally, at the age of seventeen he was adopted by a normal family residing in Zelenogorsk. Vitaly was brought into the family and he got adjusted to the lifestyle rapidly. But Vitaly couldn't forget his past so soon after he got adopted, he started getting into drugs and alcohol, mostly dealing the drugs to make some money. Vitaly started becoming a trouble-child around Zelenogorsk and at school, getting in fights and eventually, expelled from the Zelenogorsk High School. Vitaly returned to his family but they were upset about him, they kicked Vitaly out and a friend of his took him inside his house. His friend, Dimitrij, was his best friend. Vitaly started to get a job and made his money through it until the break-out. Dimitrij noticed the zombie outbreak on TV. He spotted his friend Dimitrij dead next to him inside his flat, he rushed out of the flat and started surviving. Vitaly is ready to face the zombie outbreak and the rough life of a survivalist along with his affiliated group.
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