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  1. Rod Brown is a young man who's a stellar Mechanic. He was contracted by various militaries to help work on vehicles ranging from motor bikes, to tanks, which led him to being in Chernarus, with zero knowledge of the Russian language, and zero knowledge of combat. Though, these days he's had to learn quickly. Nervous about his skills with a gun, young Rodney has made due in the days since infection surviving, if just by the skin of his teeth. He's anything -but- fearless, and he's not the most trustworthy, however he is fairly handy when he's not entirely nervous about the situation, or about others. His quick-wit can get him out of situations that normally would be quite hairy, and his instinct to run sometimes over fighting has gotten him out of quite a few messes too. He's not too proud to get out of dodge if he has to, and knows when he should settle. He's tall, about 6'0, with brown hair, and soft features. His eyes are brown, and he's fairly lanky, though thanks to the zombie uprising, he's gained enough muscle to be fit through necessity. He misses pizza.
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