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  1. Dimitri Sobolev is an older man who likes to think on the bright side of things, but he sometimes gets a little deep. He lived is Chernarus for his entire life in the town of Elektrozavodsk. His mother was always extremely nice to him, since his father used to beat him when he didn't listen to him. Dimitri never really had too many friends in school, but there was this group he always hung around with. After he finished school, however, he grew apart from his close friends. He became a worker at a power plant because he didn't think he needed to go to college. He found a woman one day at the grocery store, and they got married 2 years later. They had a son and lived a happy life until the outbreak. At the time of the outbreak, his wife and son were out of town when they got attacked by zombies, they both died. He didn't find out until he was walking out of town and found their car blown up and there rotting bodies were lying beside it. This completely messed up his mind, leading him to depression. He's been getting better, but he still finds himself thinking about them often. However, he can never recall their names, due to his age giving him memory problems. Ever since he's been wandering Chernarus, trying to make friends out of anyone he can find.
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