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  1. Either this or a map called Exclusionzone, it's a custom map from the game stalker, it fits very well for roleplay servers.
  2. As I've said I really do understand what I've done wrong and it won't happen again.
  3. BrianM 304 Replied: 11 minutes ago Don't worry about it. I would close the report, but we are too late and the GM team has probably already decided the verdict.. @Mademoiselle
  4. I have went trough a couple of rules and I just wanted to apologize for my wrong doings, @BrianM I'm still new to the server and I'm trying to get used to it, after re-reading the rules I understood what I've done. I've broken this rule: Defender rights allow you to kill attackers for 2 hours or until your character dies. Defender rights can be shared with anyone who you recently role played with as well as all your group members, if you are a part of an approved group. Sorry for my wrong doings and I promise I'll try to improve, @BrianM if you want me to apologize personally you can always find me on discord. @Mademoiselle I understand my wrong doings for this report.
  5. @Mademoiselle Yup, as it seems he took my fingernails off and not my actual finger but that doesn't change the fact that they've robbed me. I've robbed a few people before and all of them had granted KOS since I've robbed them and here they are complaining about chopping my fingernails off and actually taking everything from me.
  6. Hey, sorry but I wasn't informed about the complaint anywhere so I just noticed it. I'd like to explain my side now: I've been looking for you guys for a while, you actually cut my finger off from my understanding and not the fingernails. You took all of my food and water resources, my weapons too. So that means you've left me to die, all I did is I just ran past your city since I wanted to clear the zombies around, I had a pure reason to kill you since you've robbed me and even took my finger off. You have left me alive next to a city where is plenty of zombies, I didn't have any food neither a weapon to defend myself. In the meantime when I was looking for you, you've robbed a base which is in Mogilevka, you've killed multiple affiliates of the trader base which we're friendly people, you've also taken part in shooting up the castle next to Vyshnoe as I was informed by other people ICly. (I'm friends with one of the leaders from the base ICly) If you think that in an apocalypse people wouldn't come back to revenge you after you've eaten plenty of people and actually killed a bunch of them, you're wrong. I had permission to KOS since you've robbed me and actually you've eaten one of my fingers which is not acceptable and you can easily get a KOS permission for that, you have never warned me to not go to Vyshnoe ICly and you've taken my finger off for nothing. I did interact with you and there's no need for OOC lies, I've seen you coming up the road and I've hidden my weapons in the bushes and I've actually approached you guys to confirm that it was the same cannibals that took my finger off, I took my chance and killed one of you. @Mademoiselle I've been killed so I wasn't combat logging after I got killed I just left the game, can't see any combat logging in here as you've stated that I've disconnected and I never came back.
  7. Thread is looking nice, good luck.
  8. Hello, I was involved and I was the guy who was holding up Bodey in one of Cherno houses by the end of the town, after I let him go he took me on a gunpoint and attempted to hold me hostage, he ran away and told me not to follow him, out of nowhere I met him back in Cherno while I was looking for a few friends, I wanted to revenge Bodey since he killed a couple of my friends down in Chips base and after a few minutes of meeting him, he went inside the base and never came out, people checked and said he just logged off, 30 minutes haven't passed and he combat logged. - Artyom Seleznev
  9. Artyom just finished school... his dad was a mechanic and his mother was dead by a car accident. His father had a business company. After Artyom finished school a couple of years he was working for his father. Once Artyom went to a club and found new friends.. they introduced him to a new drug called "Speed", which he got addicted to, after couple months of being a drug addict his father kicked him out of the house and fired him from the job he had. Artyom packaged his luggage and bought a ticket to Chernogorsk.. after he got to Chernogorsk he went to the bus station and bought tickets to Zelenogorsk. His stepsister was living there, so he had no choice just to go to her and ask for help. After living a few years and staying away from drugs, the zombie apocalypse started and life started to move on in the zombie world. After surviving a few months of the zombie apocalypse his stepsister has died after surviving two weeks after being infected by a zombie, Artyom got worried since he was left on his own and he couldn't believe that his stepsister has died. Artyom couldn't believe that all of this started and he's literally living a life in a zombie apocalypse. After a month of being alive and staying on his own, he decides to move out of Zelenogorsk as he has some hopes that there are some friendly survivors bases where he can have a warm place to sleep and some food. Artyom knew how to fight since he was a bad kid in school, he had no idea how to use any firearms, all he had was a kitchen knife. Artyom has killed over a hundred zombies while he was traveling around the city looking for some food to survive, he was turning into a cold blood killer. Artyom has trained his shooting skills with a hunting rifle firearm while he was hunting for some food in the local Zelenogorsk forests. Artyom has moved out of Zelenogorsk to find some friendly survivors or even a survivor base as his story continues from here...
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