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  1. He was a simple man, with a simple family. until that all changed with the Plague. His life as an ex-marine and a door to door sales man. In his town the plague hit hard, but not hard enough... his past had caught up with him and one day a man showed up on the front porch. At the time of the mans arrival Julian was out hunting deer, the man had murdered his wife and his two daughters. Julian came home and saw the amount of blood that was spattered across the walls. He had found a note that read. You know who this is old friend, come find me in Chernarus. sincerely David Remoan. A fit of rage went through Julian's mind causing him to go on a rampage, killing every undead creature in sight. when he finally calmed down he was drenched in blood (not his). after a year of preparing, Julian was ready to face David and exact his revenge for killing his wife and daughters. He kept with him a locket that was given to him by his daughter Ramona. it was her, as long as he had the locket he wouldn't lose control, and kill everyone. He risked everything coming to Chernarus, he would not be able to control the monster inside of him if failed to kill David.
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