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  1. Clarence served as a peacekeeper for a large majority of his youth. He was deployed in various exotic countries and surrounded by nature. Never being a people-person he was very direct. Deployed on a peacekeeping mission to Chernaurus, he witnessed a massacre of his squadron by a horde of undead humans. He and three others were the only to survive. Months later, Clarence is now on his own after splitting up with his two other teammates due to different ambitions. Clarence found himself lost in his mind next to his campfire and tent one day, in the middle of the Stary Sobor forest. Society has fallen and collapsed in on itself, but nature is still the same. Despite being half the planet away, he feels at home in these forests. He took on his own personal moral duty to protect these forests, from deforestation or over-farming. Clarence has seen a lot of conflict in the towns of Chernaurus and doesn't want to the forests, a tranquil place to be plagued with human conflict either. He can be found out by his feedshack east of Stary Sobor and plans to form a group of Woodland rangers eventually.
  2. I agree to an extent, but with the release of a new map on server 2, I'd expect the community to balance out, with half of it on one server and the other half on the other, making it very rare both servers are completely full. On the other hand, you could be completely right, server 2 could remain low on population and there would just be a longer queue for server 1. (and I'm new here so my assumptions are probably inaccurate.)
  3. Exciting stuff, always loved Namalsk. Hope you guys host it, from my little experience so far the DayZRP servers are the only servers that know how to handle RP correctly.
  4. I understand there are a lot of difficult logistics that go into a change of map, especially lore-wise. But what are the chances of a new map other than Chernaurus? Has that idea ever been considered? An idea I've been thinking of that I reckon would be neat for the DayZRP community is to switch server 2 to a map other than Chernaurus. It would stop server 2 being used a "loot-hub" or being used to just travel and instead be a different world with new characters? (It could also introduce the niche type of RP where if a character switches server they could say "Hey, I just traveled here from Chernaurus etc etc" and also possibly cause conflict between Chernarussians and those from wherever the new map would be.) Again - I understand this is not as easy to execute as it is for me to suggest it and there are probably a lot of factors I am overlooking, but I think it leads to an interesting discussion and encourages the growth of the second server.
  5. Ex-convict of the Sovozh prison. Ex-weapons smuggler. Has abandoned criminal ways in an attempt to get rid of the guilt that haunts him. Indepth = Kevin "Pockets" Midleton. "I fuckin' did it." He muttered to himself in his thick Irish accent, prying the rusted cell door open. "Fuckin' did it." He looked down halls of the prison, empty. All of it, the guards, the inmates, no more. He hid himself in his cell to outlast whatever the fuck was turning people in those monsters. It has been five days since then, he heard noises outside his cell window last night, but hunger is taking over, food is a necessity, now is the time to go. Cautiously, he moved through the complex, reaching the front door of the prison. "What in the name of God..." He thought, his eyes watched a corpse. A corpse, walking? It didn't make any sense, but that demon is what was making the noises last night. "Priorities." He thought. "Food first. Then I need to get off this god-fucking-forsaken island." He carefully made his way across the bridge, avoiding the gaze of the lifeless eye(s) of the corpses that patrolled the once proud prison. Reaching the dock of the Island, he finds a bucket of rotten fish and chows down. It wasn't his proudest moment, or his best. But he was starving for god's sake. Alongside that bucket, wow, a can of pepsi. Russia is weird, to say the least. Kevin flipped over the boat, pushing it slightly into the water. Grabbing a nearby old paddle, he leaped on, the momentum throwing the boat forward towards Kamenka. As he floated away, he watched the old prison get smaller and smaller. He reminisced about the past, how he got here. The money that motivated him to try smuggle illegal weaponry into Chernaurus, what a dumb idea. It costed him his life. But now he is trapped here. He knew Russia was a bad place to be, especially for a foreigner, but not this bad. Not walking corpses bad. After reaching Kamenka, he spend a few nights on the outskirts of the town, looting what he could from the town. He met up with a band of bandits near Pavlovo. He witnessed murder, cannibalism and betrayal within the first week of reaching land. He chose not to follow greed, a mistake he once made and costed him his freedom. Slipping out under the cover of the night, he escapes the bandit caravan, swiping a map on his way out. Ratnoe. That's where he was headed next. It was far away from the bandits he ditched. A small town, where he can hopefully set up camp and meet some decent people. Living people, hopefully.
  6. Unfortunately this hasn't worked for me despite trying it multiple times, I think it could be an issue with DZSA?
  7. What's up lads? Another new Irish fella' here. (Tá fhios agam go bhfuil cúpla daoine ó Éire anseo) Used to play on the old DayZ-RP (arma 2 dayz launcher times) but stopped playing DayZ altogether once DayZ SA came out and I was utterly disappointed. Recently saw some videos of it while browsing the internet and fell back in love with the game, played some normal non-rp servers but got sick of the lack of social interaction. Can't wait to join back, meet some new characters and create some juicy drama (as soon as I get whitelisted, hopefully.)
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