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  1. My name is Scout Ridgerunner. I live here with my father and after the rest of my family was slaughtered. I dont really care to meet new people, aslong as you dont threaten me or my fathers life then you are good with me. I dont care for the government after they destroyed what we had for a home and were the cause of my families slaughter. If it was up to me i would kill all who support the old government and live in a world of small communities with a centralized trade. I am a humble man and dont seek to hurt anyone aslong i am left alone and no one tries to intrude on my life. I am a outdoors man who is in his element when i am in the woods in the mountains. I was married and lost my wife to a bandit. After i killed that man i never wanted to have to go through that pain and grief ever again in my life. I come here to be in my element and do what i can to help the people here and do my part to humanity and save who i can. I also love to hunt and fish and hiking in the mountains, so living in a society where this is normal and common for everyone to do makes me feel at home.
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