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  1. Benjamin York is a 23-year-old tradesperson who enjoys policing, duck herding and working on cars. He is hardworking and friendly. Physically, Ben is in pretty good shape as he has always been attentive to his personal health and physique. Ben is 6'2 with light skin, Brown long hair and brown eyes. An uncommon trait about Ben's look is that he has a prosthetic leg - This became a part of his life when he was 16 surfing in Flordia when he was maliciously attacked by a shark. He grew up in a middle-class neighborhood and was raised by his father with his mother having left when he was young. He is currently married to Diana Julie (Anderson) York. Diana was 13 years older than him and worked as a teacher. Benjamin had one child with wife Diana: Shaun aged 2. He has a degree in Business Psychology to which he studied at university for over 4 years in England. Ben has a severe phobia of sheep which was brought upon his life when he was just a little boy when he was violently attacked when working on a farm near his place of birth. The Downfall of Benjamin York H O W B E N J A M I N Y O R K ' S L I F E C H A N G E D T O A M I S S I O N O F R E D E M P T I O N _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ben arrived in Chernarus in early 2017 when he was offered a new job which came with many perks such as; Pay rise (£43,000 / year --> £130,000) Pre-paid private health care A large new house in Russia Private schooling for his child All of these job perks captivated both Ben and his wife. They finally saw a chance to move up in the social food chain with this drastic payrise and be considered more than middle-class. It was a way for Ben to give his wife the life they'd always dreamed of. She'd be able to move away from teaching which she'd been doing for the majority of her life and gave Ben the chance to allow his son to have the life he never had with a loving family. The incentives such as the health care and private schooling were too good to turn down, they'd offer the whole family peace of mind and would mean they could focus there time elsewhere and settle into the new environment in Russia all while being in a large, modern home. Date - June 30th Ben had been working this job for a number of months now, he was on track to succeed further and his employer asked him to come for a face-to-face talk so they could talk about Ben's progression and provide some feedback to which he explained how there was a need for Ben's expertise in Chernarus and would be moved there along with his family for a couple of weeks to prevent any worry or miscommunication. Ben & Diane had to sit down for a couple of minutes to discuss the logistics of the request and they both agreed it'd be fine due to it only being for a number of weeks. Once they'd agreed on terms and spoken with his employer, they arrived in Chernarus in a number of hours and were at their house shortly after. It wasn't anything like their home in Russia, this was a moderately large 2 story red house which offered a couple of bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, study and dining room with a lovely front porch. Everyone settled in nicely and Ben was prepared to go about his job in Chernarus. Date - July ..... Diana switched on the news as she did every day... 'BREAKING NEWS' was plastered all over the screen, a national state of emergency was being broadcasted and the whole family was glued to the screen, scared for each other and for themselves confused, bewildered and perplexed. No one was sure about what events were unfolding in front of them, but all they could see was CDF troops securing locations, moving civilians and disposing of those who had caught this "infection" - no one was entirely sure about what was unfolding, but Ben and Diane knew they had to get somewhere safe but they didn't know where to go after moving here a few days prior. Ben thought the best thing to do was to just stay at home, lock the doors, close the curtains and wait for everything to move along... but they were completely unaware of what was actually happening and the severity of the situation outside of their home. Date - July .... As time went on, reality began to set in. Diane and Ben knew that this was now a global emergency and there was little hope of this passing by any time soon. With the increased military and checkpoints being established around by the CDF troops there was little sign of hope. From inside their house, they could hear screaming, gunfire and explosions... it was a war zone. Date - July - The day it happened Diane was trying to think of ways to get away from Chernarus, but nothing would've worked and Ben was beginning to get frustrated - Shaun was crying and Diane was unsettled. Back and forth, arguing between one another for hours, driving each other crazy. "WE NEED TO GO THERE, NOW!" - Diane explained, "THERE'S NO WAY OF GETTING THERE, THERE ARE CHECKPOINTS EVERYWHERE, DIANE!" - Ben replied. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE GOING TO DO? WE'RE STUCK HERE FOREV-..." Diane was losing her mind, but before she could finish her sentence, someone banged on the door.. *bang* *bang* *bang* *BANG* They weren't banging on the door.. they were trying to break it down which soon became a realization between Ben & Diane and panic ensued further and no one knew what to do... The banging soon turned into crashing and the door began to cave in.. Ben held Diane in his arms, and Diane held Shaun in her arms.. staring at the door waiting for the inevitable and it happened. Three bandits stormed the home, one running upstairs, and two focusing on Ben, Diane & Shaun. They threw them away from each other and clawed Shaun out of Diane's arms to which she pursued with a scream unlike no other... Ben was begging for mercy, asking what they wanted, but they remained silent the whole time. The one who went upstairs came down and nodded to the other two, and to that, they forced Diane up off of her knees and onto her feet, grabbing her by her shirt and throwing her out of the house with one of the three bandits following behind with a weapon pointed to her back. The second one of the three picked up Shaun and walked out of the house, past the broken down door. Tears running down Ben's face he begged one final time, and to that, the final bandit shook his head and smashed Ben over the head with his weapon to which he remained unconscious for hours. Date - July .... Ben woke up dazed and confused. It took him a couple of minutes to ground himself and gain back full cognitive ability. However, it soon set in what had happened. Ben's life had just been stripped of him. His family had been taken from him. He didn't know what to do, he didn't know why it happened but now, a man who simply came to Chernarus for a 3-week work placement now had a mission to get back what he had molded his life around. Ben had to plot what would be the only way to get his life back, and this would take years. Now, June 2019, almost 2 years after it all started, Ben has come to find his life... - The redemption has begun -
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