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  1. the account was old yes like I said i got accepted one week ago the account was older then that.
  2. the names DylanC979 thats the name I use for everything i tried to log in today and it said it was wrong so I reset the password and I was in and I noised it was new account when it said joined today.
  3. ohhh so my account got deleted but my account was activated?
  4. oh I tried making one like 2 months ago but a message came up saying white list application is down because to many people have applied.
  5. I got accepted like 1 week ago and I had the rest of the week of so yesterday I tried it and loved it and today I keep getting kicked for not being whitelisted I had to reset my password today it was saying it was wrong? i have no ide whats going on.
  6. A new application comes up has a bug happened and will I lose my guns and food I had on it?
  7. I just got white listed about one week ago and I played on the server for about 3 hours last night I come on tonight and it says I'm not white listed could you please help me or has there been a player reset or something?