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  1. Hello everyone, BigBadWolf here and very excited to be a part of this community. I am new to DayZ but no stranger to RP. Have been rping for a while in many games with various communities. I finally had the opportunity to join the server this past weekend and looking forward to meeting all of you. I am playing John Ruby and very eager to tell his story. See you in game
  2. My father used to say “We are born broken. The grace of God puts us back together.” He said many things about God, and I am starting to remember more and more of them now with each passing day. The ones that really stuck with me are those he used to say right before he would take his belt off and strike my back countlessly. Those words really left a “mark.” I grew up on a farm just outside of Freeport, Illinois. I was an only child raised by a family who devoted their lives to our Lord and Savior. Father was a drinker and an ex-soldier who had a strong grip when it came to molding me into a man I was meant to be. My childhood consisted of praying, many Church visits and hard labor around the farm. I didn’t have any friends as my father did not allow it. My mother passed away when I was 10 and my father followed soon after when I was 17. It was heartbreaking seeing my father struggle in the last year of his life completely consumed by alcohol and haunted by his past. That is the moment I decided, helping people find hope is my path in life. But there was only one way for me to achieve that. I sold the farm, earned a Bachelor’s degree, graduated Divinity School and got Ordained. I traveled all across the country, from one place to another, preaching and helping in all way possible those who needed help the most. Weak souls who have lost hope in this cruel world. If my memory serves me right, it was the last week of May 2017, I was in Mississippi preaching when the news reached my doorstep of a place that desperately needed saving. Land damaged by civil war and politics in the past together with its people, shortage of medicine, food and water and most importantly, faith amongst its citizens is nowhere to be found. I didn't waste any time and took the first available flight to Chernarus. Upon landing I was taken to Sinistok, a poor recovering provinceand town in the far northwest region of the country. It reminded me of home as it was primarily consisted of farmlands. People were in bad shape but my goal was to spread hope and replace broken souls with purpose and faith. Unfortunately I have failed. There was an outbreak, a plague of some sorts. I never saw anything like it. I was able to escape Sinistok and have been running for my life ever since. This is a Godless Country and I must find a way out…
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