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  1. It all started in a small town on the southern part of the hemisphere where the sun never seemed to go down and there would be daylight during the whole 24 hours of the day. Farmworkers not being able to mass grow their crops, the tree's wouldn't grow from thirst, and every year the sun would decrease in size. During this crisis, I am just an average pot connoisseur living in a society that experiments with different potions to break the thc limit of 50%. One day as time passes, the sun just vanishes and the whole city is pitch black. There were no street lights since the sun would always be up and the whole city is in a panic. I go back into my room and sleep it off and thought to myself to deal with this when I wake up. A gigantic BOOM rings my ears as I quickly jump out of bed and peek outside my window and notice the streets of Smokepotaka was covered in black milky dust where nothing is visible. The first thought that came across my mind was my pot farm which was down the road. Unfortunately, none of my plants made it out alive so I pack my shit and start heading north where the grass was greener. After a long journey north, I stumble upon a street sign that says "Chernarus"
  2. Hey all, I've had this game back when you needed DayZ Commander and I think it was called Six Launcher but was unhappy with the development speed so I kinda fell off. Now that my favorite streamer 'Smoke' has been playing a lot of Dayz I decided to come back and check this game out again. Hope I am able to have more fun than these cruddy public servers spawn killing me. Respectfully, Zooted
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