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  1. Victor Lush was born in Electro on the 13/06/1993. His family is from Australia and they decided to move to Electro due the nature of their business, they opened their own butcher shop and over Victors life he gradually took over the family business. Before this his parents sent Victor away in boarding school in Australia and then continued higher studies in Cherno. Even though Vic was a butcher by profession he studied environmental science, he loved all things weather, plants, animals and the impact the human race had to the world. The butchering trade was to support his family but has since Vic lost hope with humanity with the outbreak which effected all in reached Electro, some turned, others died and families lost. Vic son Roger unfortunate was not immune and turned. His wife Ella was forced to kill his son when Roger started attacking Ella while Vic was at work. Ella committed suicide due to the nature of actions. When Vic returned home after closing shop he found his family in the living room and blood everywhere. Unfortunately his family where one of the first affected. Victor trying to drown his sorrows with alcohol slowly watched the outbreak over the months till it finally turned to what it is today. The only thing that keeps Vic going since is hunting wildlife, who knows how long has Vic has been hunting since the outbreak, it distracts him from the real world and what he has lost and barely remembers his own name but always remembers the daunting image of his wife and son. Vic has been isolated from the world since living and surviving alone in the woods sometimes he travels for supplies and walks back to Electro to remember the good times in the past but does not dare go into his old apartment. In his travel he has seen the rare person but always avoiding, hiding and running away. Vic does not like to kill the "turned" but he has in dire situations, normal he closes doors on the turned trapping them to keep himself and hopefully others safe. Vic believes one day some community or person will find the solution to save them. He hopes everything will return to before the outbreak. Vic will eventually find himself amongst other survivors, this opens the ideas of trading fresh meat for goods and services, might even end up building a place where Vic can call home. Being alone for so long, talking to others is hard and trust has come a major issue. This might cause issue as the situation can make Vic become hostile due to sour deals. Relationships/false relationships will be hard to come by but if one develops and trust is made, this could be fruitful or severing this relationship will cause Vic to break down.Which path will it lead to, will Vic spiral out of control, go into depression, or even just forgot the world again and head back into the woods?
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