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  1. Mr. John barely escaped with his life from his infested family and started the long journey in hope of a safe place, or even creating a safe haven for people with the same vision. With a vague memory of weapon and combat training from his job in the military, he got the means to survive, his job was a computer scientist, and as such used a lot of time on PC's. Years of building a career as a tech store owner in a small town dulls his military ability's greatly. Even more after his wife and later kids blessed his life. Now he wishes the most for a family again, maybe not wife and kids, but a small camp of close survivor friends. Making new friends is always a though job, but with a friendly and helpfull attitude. Back in his old life, he was known as the computer guy that fixed all the towns problems. He loved his life, and got devasted when the disaster hit the world, but traveling and the fresh mountain air, has cleared his mind, body and soul. All he needs now i safety and food. The new life of Mr. John has just begun.
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