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  1. Johann was born on April 30, 1988 in the area of Miami, Florida to the parents of Austrian heritage background. Amid college, Johann didn’t feel proper where he was and went off with the Navy, moving onto BUD/S in Coronado, CA where he quickly was among the few who passed the class and having graduated from SQT, he earned his trident. After completing extensive training he was assigned to SEAL Team 3. With 5 years under his belt with his team he was offered a chance at NSWDG where he went through Green Teams and narrowly passed. Johann was assigned to Red Squadron, recently assigned and an FNG among them. Following the events of society downturn, his squadron was onboard USS Khe Sanh had been assigned an recce mission over in the Taki-Cherno border monitoring the Takistani government’s possible involvement and his team unfortunately was caught off guard by the onslaught of the infected slaughtering his own ‘brothers’. As Johann cannot do anything for his fallen brethren and communication is no longer an option with the Khe Sanh he makes for Chernarus in hopes of finding remnants of civilization.
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