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    s2 - Griefing / Ghosting - between 1:50 / 4:50

    Sorry for the late reply I've been at work all day. So to sum up my side of the story I would like to start off where it began upon logging into the server and seeing @DillionD and asking him what had happened he explained to me that our humble little home had been ransacked by some thieves. At this point, I was upset but understood that this is dayZ and nothing you have will last forever so I was okay with it, but after asking @DillionD how could they have gotten into our home with the wire being taken off of the gate we could only assume someone had must have ghosted into our base which led to the current forum post I would also like to add that the idea of a bunch of people playing leapfrog to get into our base was the last idea we would have had. After going through some of the stuff that was thrown on the ground in order to claim our car tent as well as our Military Tent @DillionD informed me of a car that had been left outside through IC voice chat after looking at the car we both could only assume that whoever left it must have been the ones who came inside to steal and that if they returned we would make contact with them in an attempt to strike back at those who had broken into our humble abode. after that, we closed the gate a returned inside the building to try and make room for the stuff that had been tossed on the ground in order to "hurry and pack up what was needed". A few minutes later while I was in the back of the warehouse after coming back from getting a drink I could overhear @DillionD arguing with the ones who had broken into our home. So I run closer to try and figure out what is happening and ask IC if these are the people who broke in he says yes they said they were here for their car. @DillionD then told them to leave multiple times but they continued to argue with him. I also would like to add that I understand that zombies had been a problem at the time, but the opposing party was given more than enough time to take care of a few little zombies and leave. after a good 2-3 mins of arguing @DillionD opened the doors and told them once more you have 5 seconds to leave or else. then a shot from the opposing side rang out towards me and @DillionD and being trapped in a warehouse with nowhere to go except out the door that everyone was shooting at I decided that given the situation my life was in danger and I had no choice but to defend myself.
  2. My name is Walker and at the time of writing this it will have been exactly 699 days since the outbreak started, and my life and everyone else's changed. I guess the best place to start would be where it all began, where I was before the shit hit the fan. All of it seems to be just a distant memory now the way life was before...who I was before all of this. You see before the outbreak, I was apart of one of the finest militaries in the world I was a United States Marine... Ooh Rah! ....Semper Fi! ....and all that Jaz just parts of the past now, but not only was I a Marine I was one of the lucky few to be apart of the 2nd Raider Battalion yep I was Special Forces the ones the bad guys had nightmares about when they went to sleep. My unit they all called me Tex or Ranger back then and you guessed it because I was from Texas and my name is Walker I know how original right? But after a while, it stuck and I started to like it and I became used to it. Fast forward a couple of years to 2017 and me and my unit, as well as the 1st and 3rd Raider Battalions, are conducting training exercises on a little island called Utes. We've been here for about 2 weeks at this point conducting exercises going over Infil and Exfil plans for some little town in Chernarus not knowing why we were here in the first place. Something else that had all of us on edge was that during the second week there they removed our ability to contact anyone back home saying that " It was too big of a risk and that it could compromise the mission" what fucking mission I thought, we had been there for two weeks and nobody had told us why. Then on July 17th,we got the news, a virus had been spreading rapidly throughout Chernarus for the past week and they didn't want to tell us because they thought it would cause panic through "some of the less experienced soldiers". After that,my unit got Briefed on the situation and we had our mission secure the docks of Elektrozavodsk and hold it while helicopters extract refugees and important personnel an to shoot on sight anyone who had symptoms of the virus, little did we know there wasn't enough training we could have done to prepare us for what we had seen that night. The Infected ripped through the city like a wave and as they got closer to the docks the screams and sounds of death became even louder and as they approached the docks the Refugees became panicked and started pushing and shoving to try and make it on the last helicopter but it was too late the infected were already on us. As I watched men woman and child get torn apart by the infected I stood there just shooting into the mass not knowing whether I was killing the infected or an innocent person what does it matter they would have died anyway. And then as my unit loaded into the Heli I took one last look at my buddy Sgt.Mathews and as I reached to pull my self onto the Heli I was swept off of my feet and over the side of the dock,it was as if time slowed down at that moment and as I was falling to the water below I could see Sgt. Mathews hand still reaching out for me calling my name, Then blackness the cold dark water overwhelmed me and as I sank I thought of my loved ones the people that I would never see again my life flashing before my eyes and then it stopped and there was nothing just darkness no sound not even the cold of the water. I thought I was dead but as I awoke the next morning on the beach I realized I had been carried just a few miles down shore from the city, I could see the smoke coming from one of the buildings that had caught fire that night and decided my best bet was to try and reconnect with the Ranger Battalion that was sent to Cherno and so I headed down the coast I walked and walked not seeing soul or even an Infected and as I approached Cherno my hopes of finding the Army there died as I watched the city burning and a cargo plane crashed into the side of a building. I walked a bit further and found a checkpoint that had been abandoned they had left their field radio but with the microphone busted I was unable to call for help all I could do was listen.Our forces had bugged out and I was alone. So there you go that's how I got here,if your reading this your probably wondering what keeps me going what keeps me fighting well before everything went to shit in a handbasket my wife was a doctor working with the UN and she would have been here with the rest of the doctors so about a month ago I heard a radio transmission it was a man talking about an outpost ran by some Marines and they had a doctor from the UN whos name was Madison now it could be a coincidence but if it is her I have to get there. The radio has been silent since then but I have hope and I will not stop till I have her back.
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