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  1. Damien is from Northern Idaho in the United States, born and raised. His dad went to prison when he was only four years old, so he's never really knew him. His mom raised him by herself for the majority of his life. She was pretty much his only family. He never had a real role model in his life, so he started to grow some bad habits, namely smoking, drinking and theft. It didn't help that he attracted the wrong kind of crowd. Damien always struggled in school, but he managed to get by and finally graduate. The reason was because he became really good at cheating. He cheated so much, it became natural to him. Since graduating, he's never had a steady job. He kept getting fired for either failing drug tests or because he simply slept often and didn't show up to work. He got in quite a few fights because he drank too much at the bar, and little things set him off. He's been arrested a few times because of this, too. After being arrested one too many times for getting into fights, drinking and driving and theft, he finally decided that something was wrong with his life. He needed to change, but not necessarily in the most righteous way. He wanted more control of his life, and he felt that drinking was the reason that he couldn't progress himself. He decided to stop being lazy, and everything he does, he should put in 120%. He decided to quit drinking (at least excessively), and train himself to have a sharper mind. He wanted to be smarter about his crimes. He had no intention of quitting being a thief, he actually enjoyed that. He doesn't think about what's right and what's wrong anymore, unless it pertains to close friends of his. Ever since he decided to turn his life around, he's gotten out of a lot of trouble. He didn't necessarily stop stealing, but he did it better and smarter. At age 31, he took a month to plan a heist, and when the time came, he executed it almost perfectly, except when he went to the place to meet with his getaway ride, he found no one. He heard police sirens coming towards his location, but there should have been no way that they would have found him there. Damien got betrayed. The man he was supposed to meet ratted him out. He decided to run before the cops actually got to the location. He made it back to his car, but found that it was also surrounded by police cars. He ran to the nearest city, stole a car and headed home. When he got home, he also found cop cars there. He wasn't safe anywhere. He had to leave the United States. Unfortunately, he couldn't say goodbye to his mom. He faked an identity, which he got really good at doing, and left the country. For some reason, Damien chose to come to Chernarus. No one would know him here and he would start a new life. Damien caused a lot of trouble in Chernarus, too, but he never got caught. He kind of missed the attention he had back in the United States, so he started leaving hints every time he stole from someone, letting them know that he was The Barefoot Bandit. The real Barefoot Bandit was thief from the United States that he looked up to, so he started going by that name. And that's how he ended up in Chernarus.
  2. Server and location: Server 1 - Starry Sober Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Approximately between 5:50 and 6:00 (UTC) Your in game name: Liam Ward Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: I don't know. He never mentioned it. (That I know of) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Sadly, none. My shadowplay seemed to have been turned off. Detailed description of the events: I came down from the Alter Radio station down to Starry. I started looting around searching for items. Nothing too specific, but maybe pants that matched my jacket better. That's aside the point. I made my way to the west side of Starry, crossed the road (heading north) and entered a building. I went upstairs, and then heard a guy say "Are you going to kill me?". I had no idea there was a guy next to me. He scared me, so I told him exactly that. I said "Oh, no. I had no idea you were here. You scared the crap outta me!". He then asked what I was doing in Starry, and I said I was looking for pants to better fit my hunting outfit. He then asked if I had any food, and I said "Yeah, I got some food if you need some" and half way through that sentence, he handcuffs me. I told him I was just going to give him the food and that he didn't have to handcuff me. He noticed that I had handcuffs in my inventory and said I was probably gonna handcuff him if he didn't do it to me first. (Honestly, I'm new to DayZRP, and not sure if I can straight up handcuff someone just like that) Anyways, he said if I let you go, you'll probably just handcuff me back. I told him I wasn't the one to hold grudges and I understand his point of view. That wasn't something I would do. He then asked me to state my story, and I asked, "How extensive?", and he said, "Start from the beginning". So I started talking about my life in the United States, and started talking about how I got to Chernarus, and then he just kills me (I think with an MP7 or closely related gun). That's it. I never went against anything he said. Never threatened him. Tried being as friendly as possible. Had only my fists out. Never showed a weapon in my hands. Anyways, sorry that I don't have a video of some kind. Normally my shadowplay is ready to record, but I guess it wasn't. Hope this gets resolved and that he doesn't lie about any of this. EDIT: I guess I was killed with a Tundra, not an SMG. (Probably my Tundra he took off me while I was handcuffed)
  3. I'm still pretty new, and not sure how far logs extend, but do they consist of people breaking tires (or something to force them to respawn) or picking up/moving crates? Still a mystery on how all of this happened. Our garage was locked up, as well as our base, but there's no signs of people breaking in, just evidence of things being stolen or being despawned (like MAYBE what happened to our vehicle. Not sure how the mechanics work)
  4. My character is 34 years old (as of 6/9/2019), black american, and is an outdoors man. He likes to hunt animals, for sport and for food. One of his hobbies are crafting, including with hide from animals, wood carving, etc. Some things he likes to craft are knives, pistol holsters, knife cases, horse saddles, bows, and also assembles knives/guns. To reiterate, a big thing he likes to do is hunt. Along with that, tracking and trapping. He grew up on a farm, so he knows a thing or two about farming and tending to farm animals, but would never say that he'd like to do that for the rest of his life. He had other ideas in mind, such as fish and game, wildlife comittee, park rangers, etc. He has a lot of outdoor experience, but isn't the most social type. He tends to keep to himself and mind his own business, but depending on the situation, may try to intervene in a situation against people who he KNOWS are innocent, otherwise, he doesn't care to find out. If people want to talk and have a conversation with him, he'll comply. He doesn't try his hardest to avoid conversations, he just doesn't fancy starting them. Some may feel that he's the awkward type, but he doesn't think so. Another one of his hobbies are trading. Items he trades are hide, leather, knives, guns, ammo, bows, arrows, and pretty much anything else he crafts, or can craft with. He tries to trade his items for other items, not necessarily for money. It's hobby items for hobby items, but he wouldn't necessarily turn down money. Never killed a man before, at least, up until now he hasn't. He's only killed wild animals, but he definitely knows how to use weapons. He never finished college, so he doesn't have the widest knowledge about various topics, but to him, the knowledge he does have are on the important things that matter in life. He doesn't know if God exists or not, but doesn't care to think about it. It's just another thing for stupid people to argue about. If he exists, he exists. If not, then he doesn't. Simple as that.
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