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  1. Igor Ukov was born to a poor family in the city of chernogorsik his father was a traveling merchant and junk monger grease monkey who taught him everything he knew about the art of the deal. His inquisitive nature and desire to pick up and sell anything he thought he could make a ruble off of earned him the nick name of magpie. Always after the next shiny object or gizmo from mandarin mandolins to machine guns Igor acquired and sold it all anything and everything he could. Igor tired of the city life left his only remaining family, his cousin Pavel behind with promise to return and to uplift him and his friends from poverty to sell black market electronic goods in the markets of china and Beijing. After making a small fortune in Asian markets in hearing of the many conflicts in the region of Chernarus Igor thought it was time to return to his home maybe even set up a business selling Chinese knockoff goods and maybe get his cousin and friends that remained out of the country.
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