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  1. well my character is not an normal type of person. He tries his hardest to be kind to others but struggles with his dark emotions due to his family's death, when his home was attacked by bandits and burned with his family trapped inside. he tried to save then but there was too many bandits for him to take on by him self. So there for he had to run for his life after being run down for days after seeing his family being killed by them savage bandits. He want seeking help from an old friend who knew how to smuggle peoples to different county's, Willie was nervous to ask this friend due to the bad reputation he had too but he had to get away because he knew if he didn't leave we would surely die along with his now dead family. Willie spent the next two days trying to find his friend he followed leads that might lead him to his friend. Willie was just about to give up on finding him but Willie was a little to late the bandits had found out about his plan to escape and began the hunt to kill Willie. the group of bandits ran through towns looking for information on the where about where Willie may be hiding, over time they found out about he was looking to escape with the help of his friend. After holding several peoples hostage they told them where Willie was going and where he is located they rushed to where he was last knew to be hiding at they had caught him and was just about to execute him. As Willie took his last moments left in the world he was just about to say his last words when his friend that he spent this hole time looking for appeared in the distance just as he appeared he was gone and a second later the bandits what was just about to execute Willie a hole abound of shots went off and the bandits were dead and Willie's friend walked up tours Willie and said i heard you were trying to get a ride Willie told his friend what had happened to his family and his friend agreed to help him with one condition to never to return to his now burnt down home. His friend late that night while Willie was sleeping he had drugged him and took him to the old shipping docks where he had planned to send Willie to chernarus.
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