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  1. Benecroft Myer is 5'10" male who was a macabre jeweler who was visiting Chernarus for a particular species of wolf, since hunting laws where more lax, to make jewelry out of. As such he was, and is, competent with long rifles due to having to use them to hunt creatures for his jewelry. After the outbreak, he took a darker turn due to the psychological trauma of the outbreak itself. He now is more interested in making jewelry out of human bones, particularly teeth. All he cares for is his jewelry as it was the only thing that kept him grounded to reality. He isn't insane though, he is more opportunistic in nature for his "hobby", taking advantage of those who are incapacitated, usually taking a single molar to turn into a bead for his necklace. If someone was to perish in his vicinity he would take their finger bones and all of their teeth since they won't be needing them. He is calculated but somewhat paranoid of those around him. Even of those, he would call friends.
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