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  1. Kevin Smith, 24, grew up in Arizona with his mom, a nurse for the nearby hospital, and his dad a navy veteran now turned place mechanic. When growing up Kevin's dad tried to keep him away from guns the best he could but all of Kevin's friends would "borrow" their parents guns and drive into the middle of the desert to shoot the cactus or dried up trees. When Kevin was 18 he bought a gun right away but had to hid it from his dad for a while until he could convince his dad to let him have it around the house. After a year of hiding it and working miscellaneous jobs, Kevin's local gun shop owner asked him if he wanted to work with him since he is around all the time anyways and of course he accepted and starting working. At this point Kevin's dad knew what was going to be happening soon and sat down with Kevin and told him his worries of guns and just to keep them away from the house so Kevin respected his father's wishes but started to keep a stockpile of guns at his friends house and staying over at his place more and more. After a few years of working at the gun shop the owner wanted to start running some gun courses at the nearby desert range and had Kevin get NRA qualified to train others. Everyday for Kevin was working and selling guns, teaching others to shoot guns, and on the weekends using his friends contacts to get some not so legal weapons and fire them off in the desert. When Kevin finally had some vacation time him and his buddies ended up renting a boat in Mexico and wanted to go off into the ocean and fire some crazy guns they could acquire in Mexico. While on the boat of course everything went wrong and they ended up getting lost at sea for weeks only to wreck the boat at the first sign of land and become stranded. Now Kevin wanders the lands trying to find all the fancy guns he can in this wild wild west of a land.
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