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  1. Gilbert Cozad was born on September 7, 1987 in the small town of Helena, Montana. No real connection to it as a home though. He moved around from place to place as a child he has found it hard to stay in one place. As he grew into a man finding any job that kept him on the move and taking him to new locations was his only goal. Before the outbreak he was working on a small Russian fishing boat that ran off course from a storm that had to dock in Berezhki for repairs. After land fall the crew was unable to find a living soul to assist with the repairs and they made camp. That night is when the first event happened. The crew and Gilbert were not aware of the infected. What pieces Gilbert can remember is the voices of the crew screaming as he ran in the dark until the sounds faded in the night. When he awoke the next day he was in a church in only God knows where. He continues to wonder the woods and always moving. He knows now that if he stays in one spot too long, it could be the end.
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