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  1. Trent is an ex archaeologist , growing up he was always fascinated with history, as well as the adventure of discovering more of it, his belief for mankind to consistently move forward was to not repeat the mistakes of the past. Growing up he always had issues however, burdens, inner demons be it, nightmares, anxiety would haunt him on a daily. The doctors would over prescribe him meds and chalk it up to him demonizing a early childhood trauma. His last archaeologist finding struck an accord in Trent that didn't sit well with him, causing a incident to occur, and him being ostracized from the community, you could say that Trent had his own pre-apocalypse, his world crumbled around him. He slipped deeper into non prescribed medication to deal with his new found circumstances and his old displeasing quirks. Hoping to jump-start his career once again he received a possible job opportunity and was there on visit for a formal interview. Now being stuck in an unknown foreign country as hell breaks loose , he's just trying to survive, but also find how to get his next fix so the jitters don't kill him before the zombies do. But also coming to terms and learning to manage his quirks and the mystery of his own past that gave birth to them.
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