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"If their life was a lemon, I'd squeeze that motherfucker"

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  1. Not sure if the length of batteries life can be changed, but if it could, people would use their radios a lot more.

    DayZRP 19.6.4

    We could've used a 1 month warning on the map wipe. I spent a lot of time building 10 fences to see everything gone without a warning. I don't know how to role-play now without an actual camp/base of my own.
  3. Thanks brother. Will be passing by.

    Nixon Jones

    These are images captured within the community - Enjoy them, that's what they are for .
  5. Thank you to everyone that was a part of this... and sorry/not sorry that no one came to rescue their so called "messenger".
  6. My name is Nixon Jones. I'm a 29 year old guy born in Miami, FL that came to Chernarus on a job business opportunity. I am an officer of the law coming from Los Angeles hoping to find a new different setting and culture. Now that the outbreak has happened, I'm no longer a law enforcement agent, I'm a survivor, hoping to find normality and peace. I have no kids, but I have a girlfriend back in Los Angeles, hopefully. I have plenty experience of survival and I have been put in a lot of training in the past. I can follow the stars at night time, put a gun up together with its compatible parts. I greatly enjoy spending a night in a well lit house, hopefully with other survivors. I am hoping I find friendly people out there across the map. My uncle was a mechanic, so I can get myself around putting up a car together. I like to keep myself clean, trying to find myself for a way to shave. I am willing to put myself down if I have to, before I get fully by those flesh eating, crazy motherfuckers walking around.
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