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  2. @Daisy I came up with the logo myself, I sent the logo to Roland as a consideration for an update. I could always change the logo to the current one if my edit makes it to one of the most considered ones.
  3. Not sure if the length of batteries life can be changed, but if it could, people would use their radios a lot more.
  4. We could've used a 1 month warning on the map wipe. I spent a lot of time building 10 fences to see everything gone without a warning. I don't know how to role-play now without an actual camp/base of my own.
  5. Thank you to everyone that was a part of this... and sorry/not sorry that no one came to rescue their so called "messenger".
  6. My name is Nixon Jones. I'm a 29 year old guy born in Miami, FL that came to Chernarus on a job business opportunity. I am an officer of the law coming from Los Angeles hoping to find a new different setting and culture. Now that the outbreak has happened, I'm no longer a law enforcement agent, I'm a survivor, hoping to find normality and peace. I have no kids, but I have a girlfriend back in Los Angeles, hopefully. I have plenty experience of survival and I have been put in a lot of training in the past. I can follow the stars at night time, put a gun up together with its compatible parts. I greatly enjoy spending a night in a well lit house, hopefully with other survivors. I am hoping I find friendly people out there across the map. My uncle was a mechanic, so I can get myself around putting up a car together. I like to keep myself clean, trying to find myself for a way to shave. I am willing to put myself down if I have to, before I get fully by those flesh eating, crazy motherfuckers walking around.
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