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  1. Hi! My name is Artjom, i'm 52 years old and I used to live in Shakovka, which is west of Solnechiy. I lived there with my daughter Alex and my wife Natalja. I ran one of the biggest fishing-companies in Chernarus. It was the heritage of my father. This company is in our family for about 150 years and grew very big in the 1900th century. I remember I got a radio message in my office one day. One of my fishermen attacked a colleague on one of our boats. They havent came back to the harbor. That was my first contact with the outbreak. My Wife suddenly disappeared after 4 months, so there's only my daughter left. (OOC: Who will be played by my girlfriend) We tried to find my wife, since I'm sure she is not strong enough to kill herself but we found a letter. We still didnt believe it. But to be honest, I gave up. Maybe the thought of "living in this apocalypse" was more terrifying to her, that suicide. She was a very religious person and so am I But I have to focus on Alex, my daughter. I've seen men doing horrible things and I will do everything to protect my daughter from it. And I would kill every man, who tries to harm her. When we ran out of food and it got to dangerous to go trading in big cities, we started to travel through chernarus, trying to find some kind of community, which gives us shelter.
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