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  1. Coni

    DayZRP Epoch

    Yeah if you monitored the player counts since Napf got released, it basically became the new Chernarus haha. Plus it's way bigger. So even with 20 people, it feels more tense when you actually come across someone. Chernarus felt quite crowded at certain places. This brings back the survival feeling to the game love it! Plus I enjoy how nearly every second house can be entered. Very enjoyable. But you should fix many loot spawns. Most houses do not spawn anything at all
  2. IGN: Raelando Bodega Age: 21 Country: Germany English skills: Well I speak english quite fluently, although not completely accent-free (Arnold Schwarznegger-Syndrome so to speak ) DayZ Experience: I have been playing DayZ for quite some time. I had a large break in between and came back for Epoch which I was playing actively for 2 months before I joined this community. What kind of role best describes you: Well I am basically the guy for everything. I dont stop myself from making new experiences or attempting things that I have not tried yet before. If I was to state my qualities as a player, it would propably be a mix between scavenging areas effectively, estimating rather fast if an area is benefitial aswell as my driving skills. I am also very easy to handle in general. If you want me to do something, I will do it. If I can't do it, I will see to it that I learn how to do it. Can't be good if you don't try to be better. Have you been in any clan/group previously: I was part of some smaller groups on other servers, but you could not really consider them a clan. They were just people who played together and eventually I just tagged along. So no, I have not been part of a clan/group on this server before. Additional notes: I should add here which type of group I am actually looking for. I am interested in bandits as well as survivors or heroes. I am basically open for everything. My character's concept is so open minded that he could become anything, should the right occurances justify it. But what I "demand" from my group is activity. I play during the evenings mostly (GMT+1) and I would hate to be on myself most of the time. I don't care about the size of the clan that may contact me neither. As long as I got some people to actively play and RP with. I rather have 2 actual guys to play with than 100 in the books. Best way to contact you: I would say forums but I will list some other, proper ways to contact me. Skype: conischn Steam: KingConi e-mail: [email protected] Backstory: This is very simple (mostly because I have not yet decided where to go with my character). He was always a guy that only behaved legal as long as the benefits of illegal activities outweighed the legal life by a lot. This eventually got him into depts with the wrong people who decided that instead of killing him, they would "ship" me to Chernarus.
  3. Hello Guys, I just consider it common courtesy to introduce myself after registrating. My name is Coni (Raphael if you prefer that) and I have been RPing since 2005 (Games like: Guildwars 2, Lord Off The Rings, Star Wars: The Old Republic, San Andreas: Multi Player, etc.) and I am looking forward for this new experience. If you got any questions about my persona, feel free to ask me here or in a private chat. I did not play a single minute yet but I will start with reading the Rules and the "How to join" thread tomorrow (gotta hit bed now - gotta stand up early) See you around, Coni.