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  1. Birch is a enforcer from the time of birth he gets what he wants, on the outskirts of Nyheim he does just that. He comes up with his family in the religious cult of the Farmers of Asheville and belives every word he hears to be truth, but does not realize the scrutiny that is underway. Birch learns of the religion and her takes this into his lifestyle and his choices so instead of being a enforcer for himself he becomes a enforcer for the Shepard. This is the start of his Journey to reach the farm he joins the farmers in the city and hears that his brother was sacrificed to the Shepard and now walks in his Golden Farm and is envious of his brother. Now it is Birches turn for glory in the shepherds eyes.
  2. Kal was born in the harsh winters on the outskirts of Nyheim to a cultist family. He believed in this religion and used it as a way of life. The will of the sheperd guided him onto a better path for himself and his family. Until he came of age to enforce the shepherds will he was asked by the preacher from the will of the shepherd to kill a young boy, Kal slit his throat mercifully and began his story like so many other farmers before him, Kai then moves into the town to enforce with shepherds will with his preachers.
  3. One thing to understand Dr Murray is having gear fear in DayzRP is not really how the server is meant to be played, play for the experiences and the immersion when you come in contact with groups or other players. Gear can always get reacquired , in regards to the biggest groups are violent this is correct but most of them have IC reasons and IC beef with certain characters, i hope this clears some concerns up, if you have any others please message me or get in game and experience it for yourself!
  4. In my short my time I have met @CutieBenji he has been one of the most active and caring community members I have met. The guy has cancer and is still commenting on how to make the community better, this shows me the heart and soul of this man and I will give him my wallet for you to get better with the help of radiation of course! luv u
  5. Excited to be in this Group, Roster is stacked with the best RP this server has to offer, Oak is a amazing character and super excited to play him to the best of my ability!! @Mason will bring glory to the farm and the shepherd I am sure!!
  6. Hello @Queerios, I would also like to respond to a couple of the remarks you made in your post. So your basically saying here that we are not grateful for the devs work when threads have been made by @Mason to start funding the Devs for there work and the community has agreed upon so maybe go and check that out! This closing paragraph is pretty invalid because of the last sentence saying "Keep doing what your Doing" when all anybody is doing is posting there opinion, which is hind sight is the whole point of this thread so you coming and posting this post is saying that these three members should not have a opinion that's what I have taken from this post. This is a discussion thread and everyone has a opinion I personally do not have much experience in the history of DayzRP but in saying that I have seen a lot of threads being .//closed when members are having a discussion about Map, Lore Ect. If this is how the staff team feels then the only thing we can do moving forward Is work together on a better server and start taking members seriously when offering a different road then shutting down said members thread. I have high hopes for the future of the server and would like to see ALL members/staff stop taking criticism so personal because at the end of the day nobody forced you to be here, we are here because we want to be! Just some food for thought when making a post about some of our fellow members! Thanks for the time of the day!
  7. Oak was born in the harsh winter of the outskirts of Nyheim to a cultist family, Oak's Family believed in a cultist religion that brings glory to the farm and glory to the shepherd. Oak grew up and believed the preachers and believed in the Farm. Purpose of his life is to bring glory and expand the cult to include all people living in the world, and if you didn't believe you pay tribute to glorify the farm. Oak stays within the farm until his day of coming on his 18th birthday when he ventures out to spread word of the farm and the terror that comes to those who don't accept it
  8. i believe this mod is well updated and would include value of life in a characters creation, Good suggestion @Mason +1
  9. Yes! must be coming soon….. or TBD , but overall wipe was well needed good job gents
  10. Lets go boys!! This is my first time being apart of a approved group so stoked!
  11. Well that 5 day vacation was fun glad to be back 

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    @Mason @Mike

  12. I usually don’t respond to much feedback on our group because i have a lot to learn and still pretty new to Dayz RP and haven’t been here since the beginning, but what i have seen since i have joined is the leadership of the group take on the roles of being mentors to myself and a few other members. This comment doesn’t seem to be feedback more or less as you saying “be like VK” in response to not taking feed back well is false. As a member who has recently been found guilty of x2 invalid kill verdict and been pulled aside and been mentored and talked to by the group leaders, it really shows me how much these guys can take feedback from reports of the members as well. Anyways thanks for the time have a good day Just saw Hofer post after hitting submit just FYI
  13. Or hear me out, crazy idea. We update the map and create a city to the west then focus on a underground lab of sorts, but i agree with this and think it would add more creative story’s and characters based on the current lore.
  14. 5 day holiday is killing me lmao Bored Cookie Monster GIF

    1. CutieKermie


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      I miss you babes please hurry home lots has happened with your mom and dad.
      @Mike and @Masonwere worried you died.
      Also @Juice Handis following me around like a dog without you around.

    2. Reeves


      Yea be back soon, heard we on top so no surprise there #SoT 

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