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  1. My character Is a 35 year old Retired Pilot Boat Captain. His name is Thomas Lupas Deshotel, Born August 25, 1984 in a small town of lake Charles, Louisiana with and industrial business of fishing and shipping so becoming a Pilot for larger ships was where the money was at. He never Planned on retiring at a young age ,but had an opportunity to open some boats under his name the Company is called Lupas Pilots and Navigation. Thomas has a son named John Luke Deshotel. His son currently is one year old and is married to Rhea michelle Deshotel back home in the states. Thomas has a Father still alive named Reese Deshotel and staying with him at his home in Louisiana, but a Business trip for his company, has him to bring a high ranked captain to his ship off the Coast of Russian. Travel is hard and sea's are rough that the ship hits across the coast of Chernarus. The ships name was Rify named after the Captains Daughter. As Thomas emerges from the split in half sea wreck and shipping containers, he realizes he is far from home and a new world is in front of him with death, destruction and chaos, His goal in this land is to bring order and Resolve and to get home to His family.
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