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  1. When bobby was born he seemed to be a normal child he came from two parents with no background of mental illness whenever he grew up thats when he started to show his true colors bobby was socially awkward and really didnt fit in with other people and he kept bursting out with offensive words he heard his parents saying when bobby turned 5 his parents took him to get him tested and it turns out he was born with autism and tourettes he was socially awkward and didnt talk much but when he did his out bursts got worse and worse the longer he talked for. As bobby got older he got bullied more and more throughout middle school he got bullied constantly and knew he was to weak to fight back but one day when he got home he found his dad working out and he told his dad what was happening to him at school so his dad decided that he he could workout with him and this made bobby happy because he always thought he was a disappointment to his father the more and more time he spent with his father the happier he got. The summer break before high school his parents got divorced because it turned out bobby's father was cheating on his mother which made bobby really sad because he didnt believe his father could do that to him the last thing bobby's father told him was to not take anyone's shit and if they continue the bullying to fight back. So bobby being bobby he listened to his father and fought back one day when the same kid that had been bullying him for years decided to do it again bobby blacked out in the fight but he beat the kid within an inch of his life and bobby was seperated from hos main classmates. Around senior year the same kid started bullying a girl that was new to the school and bobby thought she was really pretty so bobby stood up to him for her and the kid backed off knowing full well what bobby is capable off bobby then asked her to be his gf of course knowing about his mental disabilities she said yes trying to make him feel better which it did. after highschool his family took a vacation to chernarus to visit his great grandfather and grandmother when he got mixed up in the mess that is the apocalypse
  2. jim bob was born in Montgomery Alabama, when Jim bob was young he always used to watch old war movies with his father and grandfather he always knew one day he wanted to be a soldier. when jim bob was around 11 or 12 his mom died of cancer and his father blamed jim bob for his mothers death so his dad started beating jim bob which resulted in jim bob getting into a lot of fights at school whenever he got into highschool he found out about the military and he thought it would be his quickest way to get away from his father so he started to talking to recruiters his freshman year and had a plan to join the military so he set off on his journey then came graduation he graduated just barley but he did he join the United States armed forces and set off to the middle east to fight in the war whenver he was over there fighting isis he got captured by an isis member and was tortured everyday and basically saw how they lived and everything and what they did and he felt as if he had to join so he tried his best to join them but they couldnt understand him so nothing happened beyond the torture he endured one day the us army found him and saved him realizing he wouldnt be able to join pissed of he went to go see his father after being released from the army and he was so pissed off about everything his father put him through and that he couldnt join isis he killed his father... then later that night he got onto the dark web getting in contact with an isis member saying he had to go over to there country to be convereted so thats what he did he packed up everything and fleed the country to a better life after he was converted in saudia arabia isis gave him his first task to bomb a church in chernarus so he packed up his stuff and the rest was history
  3. SERVER 2 LOCATION: NEAR A SMALL MILITARY CAMP NORTH OF VYSOTOVO SERVER TIME: 22:45ish MY IN GAME NAME: Cayde Jager SUSPECT NAME: dont know in game name but discord is KARRMYK ALLIES: vincent weapon jenny (unknown last name) and dom johnson NO VEHICLES INVOLVED. clip 2 is first then clip 1 but me and my friend in the clip were RPing talking about where we were going to head next when we turned around and looked into the woods thats when we heard multiple gunshots and weapon my friend right next to me got shot then the next clip explains all of what happend next the shooter moved into base and killed my other friend dom johnson and a person we were rping with as well her name was jenny she also got kos'd me and weapon lived and vincent (weapon) killed the shooter the next clip is a clip from yesterday where a guy named karrmyk came into my stream and threatend to come where me and buddies were and stream snipe us
  4. i dont know if i did something wrong or if they did making sure but im pretty sure i wasnt in the wrong just making sure though
  5. Jay Stuart a 20 year old college student from a small town in Missouri in the U.S. after he graduated high school he went on to college in Columbia, Missouri being accepted to Missouri state university. The summer of his freshman year in college he got offered to go on a field trip to Chernarus, Russia for extra college credits but of course he was skeptical about going because all he really ever knew was his small town but he reluctantly agreed to go thinking it would help him out in the future. He arrived a week before everything went down leading to the apocalypse but now that he has survived and is in the apocalypse he is doing his best to survive
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