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  1. A former military man, Jack was a fighter pilot. He hailed from a small town in Arkansas. Around January of 2017 he decided to take a trip to Chernarus as a tourist and visit for a few months. War had always intrigued him, and he often traveled from country to country when he could, learning about the cause, and effect, of conflicts in their respective areas. In an extended visit to Severograd, he witnessed soldiers appearing in the streets. Some sort of pure feral nature about them. He decided it was time to turn tail, and head back to Cherno, as quickly, and carefully as possible. In the following months, he spent his time as a drifter, moving to places he thought would be safe. After constantly trying and failing to find a safe haven from the fast spreading infection, he had wandered across the country, avoiding highly populated areas and being wary of his interactions with strangers. He has survived so far, and has no intent of stopping any time soon.
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