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  1. My character's name is Thomas, he's a primitive person, meaning he doesn't like technology and he's still in the old age of life, using old traditions as well. So before the outbreak he was always secluded and living on his own, away from civilization. So adapting to the new life after the outbreak has become easy for him, he feels like his whole life has been built up for this moment. His goal is to not only to survive, but make sure the new world doesn't go back to how it use to be, with everyone so consumed with technology, he wants this new world to be like this forever. He has never had any family that he was in contact anymore, he doesn't really care for them or remember them too much. He can remember hating technology for as long as he can remember being alive. He never understood why he couldn't adapt to how society is, but deep down he felt like living on earth, wasn't about advancing in technology, it was about living in harmony with how the world is, and with nature. He believed that we didn't need stuff to make us lazy to speed up the process of certain things, we just needed to be one with the world. He lived on the islands of Hawaii, and took a trip to a place near Russia when the outbreak occurred, he quickly found Chernarus, and from there, his story began. He's 30 years old, no family, and not interested, looking for shelter, and ready to survive.
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