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  1. Jay Spartan grew up in Canada and was always noble and had a strong morale compass. He was always really close to his brother John, but John was always awestruck by his uncle who was a cop. Jay wanted to grow up and join the military and see the world, as well as, protect his family and loved ones. Jay spent his whole life training for the military in multiple ways. Jay would go out hunting with his father to hone his skills with a rifle as well as lifting weights, running, swimming, and crossfit to assure he was fit enough to join the military and excel in every aspect with the hopes of maybe making it into a special forces unit. When the outbreak in Chernarus happened Jay knew that he would more than likely be dispatched there immediately if he joined. Jay wanted to stay in Canada and live a normal life devoid of zombies, but he heard that his brother John had left Canada in pursuit of his uncle and knew that was nothing but bad news. When Jay heard the news of John he immediately gathered his things and set off to find a way to find his brother and make sure that they both make it out of this epidemic together.
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