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  1. Basically They called out on the mega phone saying come out with your hands up, the next 20 min was silent no gun shots nor talking, We yelled out saying are you guys going to do this? No response another about 10-15min go by one of my fellow buddies said they have got shot, So i ran beside the ocean to see if they were trying to ladder in and i got gunned down.
  2. Server and location: Cherno (Chips trading shop) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 1:30 Your in game name: Jimmy Campbell Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Chip, Jimmy, John Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: around 1:30 server time they did not rp and glitched using ladders to rocket over the walls, and after 2 hours we we tried to say its over 2 hours. They went around and shot everyone's gear to get it ruined and griefing our wepons/clothes.
  3. I was wondering why you guys have capped the Que at 20 players. In my opinion that is very dumb, support said it was supposed to make people play the other s2 server. from one player to another they arent going to be moving anytime soon because they do not want to restart or move anything else. i would recommend you guys fixing this because it just makes us not play DayZRP no more. If you guys were to wipe everything then set the Que it would have been more successful because it was a new wipe and it doesn't matter what you had before because its gone :D. Im not hating or dissing the server its just my opionon and it what i think. And i would rather wait in a long que of 30-70 players than to sit and re try launching the game over and over again.
  4. My name is Jimmy Dean and i was traveling to my condo until my plan crashed and plummeted downwards has i held my picture of my son in my hands we hit the ground and suddenly everyone had died on the plan and i was the only one that was alive on this peninsula, I am a survivor of a plane crash and seams to be the dead walking around. I scavenged the airplane for materials i could use in the near future but the only thing i had found was a flashlight and a apple. The plane was split into pieces i had no idea what to do, the plane was covered in dirt and there were shards of glass everywhere. When i climbed out the plane we have struct a building and the plane was scattered around into the building's like legos. I ran inside the building hoping to find someone alive or maybe some survival tools so i can leave, but all i found was broken concrete and ash from the plane crash. i remeber the sun was beating down on me that day, taking all my left over energy that i had. I knew i had to find shelter sooner or later. I found a old water well that contained water and i drank some with some purification tablets i had found in the plane. I began to search the building's around the plane crash and i found some new clothes that i put on and some gloves.i began to cloth from the plane crash so i would not have to sleep on the cold ground. I walked to the woods to make my camp. The sun was about to go down i to make a shelter and a fire to keep warm. I had to make a cup out of old metal that i scavenged on the plane so i could boil the water over the open fire. As i woke up from my sleep in the middle of the night there was the dead 100 yards from me and when i made sound it started to run towards me i quickly panic to get a piece of metal that was left over from the plane crash and i ran threw the woods to slice the head off the dead once the blood had gotten on me i smelt like them.. I wiped the blood from my face, and carefully studied the body there was no marks or shots on the dead. I started to think it might have been a disease that could have been spreading like it slowly kills you then once your dead the bacteria controls your mind and you go crazy. I started to walk up the hill to maybe i can see a town or survivors i can get some insight on from what is happening and whats going on. Once i finally reached the top there was a small town. I quickly got my breathe back and said in my mind there is hope! i quickly ran to road and i started to follow it. It took over 4 hours to get to on foot. I was so exited to get into the town and hope i can find what was going on and what is happening and maybe if i met someone that i can trust i would have a friend to help with the journey. I got to the town and the whole town was boarded up and cars broken everywhere. I walked up to an old car and found a rusty .22 with 6 bullets, i kept that beside me the whole time i was walking threw the time i was in the town. Out of no where i seen a young athletic man running from 2 dead i carefully aimed my weapon at the dead heads and i shot then i shot again. I have saved this man in my head i was thinking, he was scared so he dropped down to his knees and begged for mercy. I said to the man dont worry i wont hurt you lets get somewhere safe to talk. When walked into a old building and we locked the door to talk to one another. He said there are everywhere you cant get no sleep you cant even think without one being there... I said what are you talking about what are those things out there. His dad was in the army and he contacted him to come to a Army base up north to where he can be safe. but he said i you know i didnt make it out of the town if it wasn't for you! i said well wheres the base at? He said its a long walk but theirs people who will take are of us once we get there. I quietly thought about it. I said i will like to go with thats no hassle for you. He said yes you saved my life back there its the least i could do for you! And then my adventure begins!
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