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  1. Originally from the United Kingdom, a young worker, found himself not enjoying life as much as he should be, trapped in the same place and job day after day, he knew there had to be more to the world than this. Saving up money over a period of time he decided to leave behind friends and family to travel and find a different life abroad in a different place. Chernarus. Interesting culture, okay price, plenty of work and help required. After goodbyes were said, planes were taken, the arrival had soon come. The first line of work here was farm work, with an older man running his own ranch, taught him how to grow food, processes of food, skinning, cooking. This would be his place to stay, early starts, average job. Soon after horizons wanted to be expanded, a local store in town was offering delivery jobs, where James learned to properly drive and get more of an understanding of this place. One day he stumbled upon a near bye shooting range/airbase, strangely enough, in a rush for recruitment, full training and service. Joining this would mean leaving the farm, and delivery job, a new place to stay, and better pay, it had to be done. The training offered fire arm training with various different weapons, close quarter combat and ranged combat, survival training, hostage situations, which all would apparently come in handy one day? After a while of serving, and training, saving up some money, it had come to the time to return home for a while to see family and friends. Flights were booked, until news of an outbreak virus had hit the news. Towns were being sectioned and evacuated, exits in vehicle were setup with no exit policies, any way of leaving was cancelled, including the flights. James was stuck here. He returned to the farm, to find the old man he trusted and who thought could help, but he was gone, all of the weapons, vehicles gone. the place had been raided, no human in sight. James had to start all over again, using everything he had learned from his time there. This once workplace would now become a temporary home, until further news was provided, people were advised to stay indoors, set defences, walls, a war was coming like no other. Some food was found left over, but would run out in short time. Something had to change. Various attempts were made to escape the island on crafted paddle boats, but none succeeded. James was definitely here to stay, A new step in life would be to explore the big towns, doing this alone would not be easy, so building a community and a new living would be the way. James still till this day believes there is still hope, and someone is coming to save people eventually. Its just staying alive that may be the hard part. With all the skills acquired and combined, there should atleast be a chance of survival, friend making, and the travelling experience fulfilled. Now on a mission to find everyone else and rebuild together.
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