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  1. Yea it was me in this vid, funny ass video!
  2. Roberto "Tico" Emanuel Jesus Reyes Del Santo Kypro was born on January 22, 1998. He was born in Monterrey, Mexico as an orphan whose parents gave him away due to their poverty and hopes for Roberto to live a happy and healthy life. He was adopted into a young family in Chernarus at the age of 7. His early years of adolescence taught him about bravery, treating others as you would want to be treated, and trust. Tico quickly grew into a lean body and was quick on his feet. He was agile, smart, well rounded with good traits of a truly golden-hearted person. A path was quickly paved by Tico and was quite noticeable. He was top of his class, he was liked by everyone, popular, he was an athlete, he was attractive, he was healthy, and most importantly he was HAPPY. Tico worked at a food market on the weekends sweeping and loading in supplies from trucks. He was really tired one day and he was getting ready to get off shift. He decided to buy an energy drink for the walk home, a soda or two and some fruits/vegetables for a snack later that day. He bought the items, tied his shoes, and headed home. As he was walking he heard a voice. He realized it was his friend's voice coming through on a walkie talkie he had on his person that they kept around them ever since they were kids. This was a thing they just never stopped doing after a while and became more fun and had an adventurous tone to it rather than carrying a phone or something of that sorts. It was fun and exciting randomly hearing a voice throughout the day. Tico's friend, named Kai, was radioing in about these girls that wanted to hang out in the city for a few hours and maybe go to the beach or something at night. The girls supposedly had some alcohol they had collected from their parents' pantries. Tico thought to himself, "What type of dream come true is this?!?!?!?". Tico was so excited and replied to Kai, "Bro, I'm not gonna lie... I'm tired as fuck... but FUCK YEAH!!! I'm on my way! Do you think they're down to do anything?" Kai responded with a sarcastic tone, "Nah bro, these smoking hot girls definitely didn't steal expensive ass booze from their parents, invite us to the city to do dumb shit, and want to go to an isolated area on the beach at night just to fuck us..." Tico thought he was serious at first and then it clicked that Kai was tickling his balls. "Fuck you, bro! Hahaha! I'll be there in 25 minutes. Tico walked and walked and eventually he crossed a field where a giant yellow crane was just west of the city. He knew he was close so he radioed in, "Hey, I just passed the crane. Meet at the police station". Within seconds "Oh yeah, lets totally meet at a building filled with police officers while we are publicly getting drunk as fuck." Tico responds, "Why are you always so sarcastic all the time? Alright, meet by the food mart." After 8 minutes, they meet up and everything slowly becomes a blur. "HAHAHA girls what's in this? We're so fucked up!!" The girls were starting whine after about an hour and a half of walking around the city being dumb and pissing off town folk. "Let's go to the beach now!", one of the girls blurted out. They walked for about 10 minutes to the north on the shore and resided in the tree line of the forest that was quite close to the beach. Tico couldn't remember what happened after that besides some fooling around with girls and a singing. Presently Tico is stricken with Deja Vu and realizes... Tico is standing in the same place as he was prior to the outbreak when he spent the night in the forest and beach with Kai and the girls. He has the same sodas/energy drinks and fruits just like the ones he had bought earlier that one day. And still has his walkie talkie, waiting for his friend Kai to randomly chirp in some sarcastic phrase like, "Did you miss me you gay?" Tico knows Kai probably didn't make it. Tico knows he wasn't just blessed to be alive due to his immunity of the infection that ruined his life and wasn't just blessed to have been given the life he was able to experience after his real parents gave him over to a new life that he could actually enjoy and be healthy, but he was cursed that had to experience everyone else he cared about parish all because he was immune. Tico hopes to find people he can care about and people to care about him and give them a happier life to enjoy just like he was always given, but hopefully Tico could give them one that would last a bit longer and more equal. Although his previous time was amazing for himself, he had to watch everyone else fail or not do as well as he did.
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